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    Question about the ODST visor

    yup here you go, its a basic one, not a complex one, but you get the gist of it //Jeremy
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    Question about the ODST visor

    High impact polystyrine, preferably a shade of Black, orange, or white. it all depends on your colour scheme. also make sure you do not get solid colors, make sure they are transparent colours that are tinted the colour you require good luck on your build :D be sure to post progress pics so...
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    Holy son of an unggoy!!!

    well put alex :P you can make the equivelant of 4 suits for the amount of money thease things cost, not to mention, mounting thease pair of goggles in a costumeing helmate is way out of the question :P but still they are preaty sweet, and i wouldnt mind having a pair myself when they come out...
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    Halo Legends Prototype W.I.P.

    lol is that some presure on me i sense? :P jk. but ya ill get it done as soon as posible :D //Jeremy
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    New Here And Looking For Help

    oh its no problem at all guys, vets are here to help new comers to the forum :) //Jeremy
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    New Here And Looking For Help

    Hey Doc Welcome to the forums! :) i will try to help you out as much as posible but i will not go into details :P if you need details you should do some research on the Section of the project that you are working on at the time anyways here is a list of what steps to take: The fiberglassing...
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    Looking to Comission

    well first off, welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay here :) but it must be brought to your attention, as Juukyuu said, the 405th does frown apon publicly asking about buying, or trying to sell armour or props, usually if any transactions are to be made the 405th asks...
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    The Most Noobiest Question Ever lol

    it really depends on your skill set, i personally can finish a helmate in a Day if im in the mood, or have the time to do it. but i can tell you this, it requires a lot of patience when making this stuff :P but for you i would say it would take a week minimum or around there for you to make a...
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    Subject delta soulder piece

    Your link is broken, or you did not input the correct type of URL. and if you have questions about your armour and what to use for materials than you would receive more help if you post in the correct section of the forums :) of coarse I’m...
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    Hello! Link inside to my intro post and video.

    if you dont mind me asking where did you get the files for Carter i cant find any PDO. files for his helm anywhere :P Both helmates look freaking sweet! i cant wait for all the detail and coloring to go on em! :D //Jeremy
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    Ithica going back to Iraq

    stay safe sarge, and stay safe Sergeant! just remember... all the terrorists are noobs and once there noob tubez run out of ammo there screwed :P just remember... go for the face xD Come back soon man! //Jeremy
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    Weta Warthog Wedding

    lol looks very kewl :P //Jeremy
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    Halo Reach Cover Replacement:

    O.o now that is a freaking sick idea :P thanks for posting the pic and the idea, it is a very kewl idea and a kewl custom cover :) i shall go ahed and print it right off and replace it right now :P //Jeremy
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    oh sorry, i would have loved to come but i just placed the rest of the money down on my halo...

    oh sorry, i would have loved to come but i just placed the rest of the money down on my halo reach Copy at the EB games out here in Kanata, and sadly my armour had some technical difficulties and my helmet ended up cracking :/ but i do appreciate you informing me that you are having a launch...
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    halo wars torso

    if you wont mind i would like to take you up on that offer :) and as for completing that, i was about 2/3rd's done but screwed something up and ended up scraping it, and i have also fully completed the Lower def one to test the size of it :P which by the way i would recommend you do that...