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    Whoops sorry

    Whoops sorry
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    Carmine Helmet

    very nice! let me know when you get the first good puls i would like one.
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    Frozensnot's Wip Thread

    looks good! do yourself a favor and save the helm for last or you might end up being lazy with it like i did. Youve got a great start though cant wait to see the updates!
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    Props So-Madeful! Content Inside!

    looks great! if these hit the smoothcast let me know
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    95% Finished First Project

    very nice! your not giving yourself the credit you deserve. for a 1st time project i think its great. I wish my first one turned out half as good. keep it up!
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    The Costume Manufacturing Steps

    Go to the creation discussion and follow the links depending on what route you are taking there is a section just for pep projects
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    The Costume Manufacturing Steps

    you need to go read a little more on the site before posting. not be rude at all but you can find most info much faster than posting it and it keeps the forums a bit more open. just a little help for the future. there are tons of ways and materials to use but this is what most use. cut...
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    Odst Helmet Done

    Looks great! lights are a good touch too. keep up the good work!
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    Member Of The Month August #2

    Congrats Nightshade! What more could you ask for than a prop from LeeKegan!
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    Halo Wars 3 Star Everything!

    Thanks! i guess once you get say a hornet with 3 stars all your hornets will be 3 stars? i dont know how but both players had all their units 3 star and that was before they attacked us. some times when i start the game it will auto give me a 1 star flamethrower or something but its random. do...
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    Complete Hayabusa Suit With Day Vid

    Now you've Gone Busa! Looks like someone is going to need a new avatar. Looks strait from the game as always! I was wondering when we could see the full Busa in action! One thing though... where was the backflip on the trampoline? Ninja sword = Ninja = Backflip.
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    Halo Wars 3 Star Everything!

    I have looked everywhere and cannot find out how this is being done... I fancy myself a pretty damn good halo wars player but last night I ran into 2 teams of 2 that had 3 star units on everything! Flamethrowers, Hornets, Gremlins, Scorpions, everything. and not just one or two of each but every...
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    Ghostbusters Proton Pack Interest?

    Me too! me and a friend made this about 6 years ago but as you can see there were a couple details we left off or i would mold it because its like 40lbs.
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    Get Together At Dave/ithicas In Aug

    Well im out. I got laid off one of my jobs yesterday due to the fact the boss man has no clue how to run a business!!!! so I will not be able to make it. Hope every has a great time! Can't wait to see the photos.
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    Recaster Alert!

    mints i hear ya! In a perfect world you could have a list but its so hard with all the people trying to make a buck over someone else's blood and sweat. It really sucks for people like me that make basic armor but not the high detail you see with rube/ithica/adam/spase etc. because every time...