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    Some recent things

    Show of solidarity: I also would like to get back in to shape (knee injury stopped me for a long time) and would be honored to join up with anyone and everyone in the Colonial Reg (or anywhere else as well) that wishes to do so. We can track our progress.....or better yet.....our regress in...
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    Sean Anwalt's Halo 4/5 Master Chief build

    No wonder you haven't been as active in FToR........busy w/ your build........Amazeballs!!!!! Great work man!! Lets see a fitting of what you got.
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    Planning ODST Build - Questions about Templates

    Hey einherjarvalk, great job. Be advised though, most if not all cons do not allow laser pointers.
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    My Resin And Fiberglass Tutorial

    Hey jaysmith...great refresher course on fiberglassing one's helmet. You the future.... add the "Rondo" step for the inside of your helmet as well. As far as glassing the outside......that tends to negate any small details you might have. If they are covered w/ fiberglass, you might...
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    Selecting Your Character (guide)

    Well whoever she turns out to have a whole group of people here that will help you realize your ideal character and make it a reality.
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    DFT ODST w/ a twist build for my son

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    Sean Anwalt's Reach Mk. V undersuit build

    Your significant "Others" as in have a harem? Looks.....interesting so far. Just keep at it.
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    405th ap

    Sucksville.....Population: You. IPhone works great.
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    Mech/Exoskeleton Build (Full-Size )

    It looks like Thomas the Tank Engine....... on crack.....
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    Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build

    It's all in the details. Fantastic work.
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    Gipsy Danger 10 Foot Tall

    Sorry to hear about the issues, but man........this build is AWESOME!!!!!! The last pic is my favorite.
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    Builds By Baz - Full scale MKII Colonial Viper

    ...or else it gets the hose again!!!!
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    DFT ODST w/ a twist build for my son

    Smooth....dude.....real smooth.
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    DFT ODST w/ a twist build for my son

    No.... he de-derailed it......Good job is his thread after all.
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    Halo Legends: Spartan Daisy-023 are in trouble..............:eek: