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    Gears Of War: Full Set.

    I was hoping to go for something like that. (also, may upload progress pics later today.)
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    Gears Of War: Full Set.

    Jesus i've been away... uh, well, the pep failed miserably i'm sad to say, and no, i'm not making it "all" by myself, the people who will be wearing the costumes with me will be helping with what they can inbetween(team changed, there are more people helping and 4 of them including me are...
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    Gears Of War: Full Set.

    Sup ma peeps, My plan is to create a full gears of war cosplay, 4 COG Soldiers and 5 Locusts (the smallest of us is going to be a wretch) The idea is, every cog soldier will be wearing a different variant of the standard gear soldier armour. same with the locusts. i will be going as a Theron...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Joel Roberts Profession:... Hobo Age: 15 Favorite Hobby: Video Gaming. Favorite Part of Halo: The thrill of the majestic Headshot. Favorite Halo: Halo 3 Favorite Video Game:UT 99/ Gears of war 2/ Halo 3 Other Interests: I love to draw and make costumes, then showcase them at conventions...