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    MSR (Modular Sniper Rifle)

    I intensely dislike the MSR from a firearms perspective. It looks uncomfortable as hell and is more or less a tacticool Remington 700. But God what I wouldn't give for one in .45-70 I wouldn't even have a shoulder left afterwards.
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    Skyrim iron armour files here! Need unfolder! This is a half-unfolded iron chest from Skyrim! I was annoyed at the lack of skyrim armour papercraft, and since I'm making an iron armour set for a con, I took it upon myself! This is my first model ever and I think it came out really well...
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    To Kill a Spartan - Youtube Vid

    As a gun nerd, I found this hilarious, especially the folding foregrip scope, and the ar-15 firing automatic when it was on semi XD Great videol
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    Need help. No Pepakura for Mac

    Get a pc. No seriously though I can't do it atm, but there will be plenty of people willing to make it into a PDF for you.
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    45 Day Project. From Zero To Hero By Halo-ween!

    DAMN that's quick! Also, loving the AC and Portal tattoos :D I myself have the four laws of thermodynamics flaunted on my arm. Really helps for physics exams!
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    Dead Space 1 and 2 File Thread

    THIS! Also, brb, making security helmet.
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    Road Kill's Call of Duty Black ops commando

    Yeah but there are some things that is basic terminology. I wouldn't call bondo blu-tac.
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    Road Kill's Call of Duty Black ops commando Just thought I'd share this. GUN LESSON. The Colt AR-15 "Commando"/"Commander" rifle is a fully automatic carbine. It is a compact paratrooper version of the M16A1, the US infantrys' main weapon during the Vietnam conflict. It is often considered...