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    No not that way like i mean as in purposses of just to look at, not a coustume BUT a flood verson of an elite or human would be cool :)
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    Starting My Armour

    A few days have gone by and its been painfully slow, i think i have like cut out 4 or 5 peaces of paper out, i think i have another 6 to go and than start the folding and glueing. gonna try to bring to school and do it during lunch in my graphics room seeing it has all the tools i need for it...
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    Anti-Vehicle Nonlinear Rifle/mkvi Sparten Wip

    Sweet back End so far (dont listen to others there Meanies XD) good luck on the Project
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    Starting My Armour

    I AM so ticked i spent so much time sizing and stuff, and it turns out in Flying squrls HD helm the default layout of the 2D formate has 2 peaices that overlap each other so now i have to waste some more paper on reprinting that sheet with the two peices seperated>>@(#R*&%*&$W&*$%
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    Starting My Armour

    Thanx Alot Problem with the Photos.....I dontss HAS a camara !!!! and dont sya ask a family member because my mom uses her camara for work and im not aloud to touch it, so ill try and get a friend to take a photo with his phone later or somthing like that. Another Question??? Im...
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    Starting My Armour

    Hey 405TH, First i would like to thank you and all the great people in this community for if it wernt for you, i wouldnt have started, and second I am starting my armour YAY! I so far have scaled, printed, and started to cut the peaces out for my Master Chief Helm One question...
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    Tutorial: Pepakura building for dummies (or noobs)

    Im just curious but is it easyier to cut and glue sections (like lets say the front mouth gaurd) at the same time or cut every single peaice out and than sit down and glue the whole mask together (just curious)
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    Tutorial: How To Make Good Folds For Pepakura Armor

    Um how much of an angle should I Fold each peace because im cutting out first and than yea folding and gluing later so im not sure which peacies fold lightly or like almost 90 degrees.
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    Hey i was just pointing this out but has anyone thought of making the gravemind, i know i have but iv just started my first Masterchef armor like a week ago so im not in any position to do that.
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    Glueing Together Help!

    Yea im not sure also how to glue, like do i flap the glue spots down or under after i have glued them or what
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Elijah Berard-Froese Profession: School :) Age: 16 Favorite Hobby: This is my hobbie :) Favorite part of halo: The story line mixed with the great gameplay Favorite Halo: 3 Favorite Video Game: HALO!!! Other Interests: Photagraphy and anysort of graphical design Favorite Food...