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    Warning To 405Th (Mostly The Tech Support)

    I'm sorry but this sounds like someone cring wolf. I've never receaved a virus from a forum. I have gotten one from some downloads. So I'm going to say this, DON'T DOWNLOAD FROM PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!
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    Eod And Mk6 W.i.p

    sounds like a good idea I think im going with slyfo's build the eyes are not cut out and its only for a freind who's an active EOD for real. but thanks for the help
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    Eod And Mk6 W.i.p

    hey what is the scale you used in your build i tryed to build on earlier this year and it was was to small for my head. also is that a supertaco build
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    Eod Helmet?

    Thanks i was overlooking it my bad :D
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    Eod Helmet?

    I am looking for an EOD helmet to unfold and pep out. I have a close friend that was a real EOD tech in the Marines. Can anyone help me with this I cannot do 3d modeling or I would do this myself. Pm me if you can help
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    Poll Voting Assistance - Pms Sponsorship To Dallas

    voted Good luck PMS
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    Pictures Of Your Setup

    if I had my desk clean i would post, but till then every ones setups rock its not how much tech you have it's how you use it
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    Halo Books, Kinda

    i used only one down side membership fees but other than that great audio.
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    Let The Madness Begin, Or My Warthog Build.

    just think you could be the first to have a titled warthog :D
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    Another New Guy

    Welcome to the forums and best of luck to you in your builds
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    New Odst Controller

    I would buy the game and sell one of my black controllers so i would have the green halo 3 360 and controller as well as the halo odst controller. Works for me
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    Don’t give any secrets out but how are you doing your needles. I'm working on one as well pm me if you want a good idea to make it look cool
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tags

    405th Name- Doo Lop XBL - doolop1 Location- Columbus OHIO GO Bucks
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    Circuitry, Leds, Effects, Wiring, Etc...

    i might get both just to play. :D Thanks for the help.
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    Circuitry, Leds, Effects, Wiring, Etc...

    hey thatdecade just one question about the dark switch, how would you wire the leds to the switch if you have a total of 6. Just looking for some extra help with this im a little slow when it comes to circuit boards but im wanting to learn.