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    Halo 4 Pepakura (Files within)

    Epic stuff guys! I've been away far to long.
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    Tampa Bay area ...

    Yes, me and my boss are thinking about doing War Machine soon. PM me for more details.
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    I found the halo "ships" pep files!!!!!!!!!

    Nice! The pelican would be really awesome!
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    Disappointed With Reach?

    I like it! Though no game will ever beat Halo CE. Not for a LONG time.
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    Leekegan Halo Reach Sniper

    Outstanding! Keep up the greet work!
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    Enrisan's Mk Vi Suit

    Nice build! And nice guitar!
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    Help With Making Props.

    Yes. Now it is. I rebuilt the website yesterday. The 7th Hour. There is some stuff on there, but I'm still updating it. The movie is something different form Halo. It was just originally a Halo fan film, but the team changed its mind since then. (Wow. When, I'm typing I sound too...
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    Help With Making Props.

    Same. We're trying to stay as far form Halo as possible now since this is now a real movie. I don't want to be killed by Microsoft's ninjas... i mean sued. The script and everything is original in this movie.
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    Help With Making Props.

    Thanks TSM! I read through it. That looks probably the best way for armor. I like Sir Bloods way for weapons, too. Thanks for all the help! I can do some molding at Rob's shop. If he lets me >_<. And to crackhead09, as I said in the first post, this is not a Halo movie anymore. I wish it...
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    Help With Making Props.

    Thanks Sir Blood! I have a lot of saws we can use for the project. I know a wood working place that will let us use anything form there. :D. I'm going to try and see if I can go to a big lumber place and see if I can buy many sheets of MDF soon. Thanks for the help! But what about for quick...
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    Help With Making Props.

    Thanks Sir Blood. I didn't think of the mock up idea. T Hat would save a lot of time and money. I can get as mu7ch wood as I need for this so that shouldn't be a problem. I was talking to Rob form Westerfield and he said use MDF wood. What do you think about that? I useualy work with popular...
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    Help With Making Props.

    Lol if you want to help you can lol. I still help out at Westerfield studios sometimes. I was talking to Rob he gave me some advice too. If anyone else has some advice please tell me! Thanks! Dootuz
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    Help With Making Props.

    Thanks Misterchief! I printed out the SMG, I'm going to use it as a base and see what I can get form there. As for a sneak peek, I guess I can post some if you guys wan. :D Not now though, we're in the middle of the 7th or 8th rewrite. (I don't remember how many, and I really hope I don't have...
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    Help With Making Props.

    Hey, I've been gone for awhile. Over the time my team and I have picked up a movie project. It was going to be a Halo fan movie for the first year in development, but we have changed it to our own type. It still has some things that are close, though. The only problem is the part of making...