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  • Hey, was excellent meeting you at Expo (I was the read foam Spartan V-84). I had no idea your suit was foam! Bloody inspiring work sir!
    I saw your YouTube foam tutorials and they were very helpful. I too have a hot glue gun with the metal tip and I agree that it is very helpful. Your advice was not just helpful for foam. It also helped me with my paper craft.
    Thank you for being one of the many concerned but it wasn't my suit it was one of RPFs members. We are all doing what we can to support the guy that has had it happen to and are doing lots of picture comparisons to make sure that no one is wrongly accused and mainly to show every one that as a community we will not tolerate it if it is the case.
    Hey drack
    Wow i just read your stuff about your suit being rip and resold....... Damn i'm so sorry. How can he do that. It's hard for me even to make a peace of armor but you made a whole suit. Let alone him asking you to recast it. Were you able to take any action about it. ???
    I'm not around as much because I finished my armor. XD
    But I've started to come back. I'm not going to start a new suit yet, or anything. Have other projects I'm working on. Nice to know you miss me. haha
    Hi man,
    Can you send to me a IronMan File for foam building? i try with the Robo3687 File but my helmet are imperfect on the mouth and the details are ugly... you can help me? Thk!
    Cheers man. They also do packs of 4 2' by 2' mats for £7.50 but my tesco has run out. I bought um all :p
    i love the tutorial you posted on you tube also when i was a tesco i saw a pack of foams for 4 pounds they were a pack of 10 a4
    yeah i know there glued, the problem is buying them lol ebay perhaps? because i dont have a store near here that sells this things , its a miracle that i find glue and foam and extra exacto knives etc but this buckles ooooh man oh man lol by the way do they have to be 30mm?
    Go to 4shared.com. In the search bar type ironman pdo and all the files will come up. Download as many as you can then pick the ones you want and delete the ones you don't.
    Where can I find the pepakura files for the ironman.... I am new to this forum... sorry. i find parts of the suits like the helmet files, but never the complete package. Pointing me in the right directions would help a lot. Thanks Drack!
    Great work.did u make templates from pepakura?
    I tried to make one but failed,can u give me some advises?
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