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    New Found Respect

    my 1st helmet looked like crap till i cut out small uneven sides and filled them with bondo filler paste then carved and carved and cut my self with the knife but practic makes ...... good enuff for your self lol :D now im working on covering it with clay to get the fine detail and even it...
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    Leekegan Weapon Review

    very nice. i love LeeKegans work trying to get one of his BR now they just look so sweet
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    Halo 3 Odst Fan Made Live Action Short Film

    that was great. can't wait to see more
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    Hand Plate

    nice work looks better then the casts ive tryed to make.
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    Animatronic Elite Costume

    thats so sweet
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    Reach Scratch Build !updates!

    nice work
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    In Pa

    hey i live in pa north east pa Montrose Ithica can u email me at id like to ask u a somthing but i can't find a contact for ya
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    Bluerealm - Done With My Armor....

    wow sweet made me drool very nice
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    Army Of Two Pep Files?

    if someone has a working link to the army of two pepakura files can some one list them? Please :D
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    My New Project M6C Odst

    thats sweet great job at 1st i was like cool cant wait to the next step then i was like cool he has that done can't for next im like dang this guy is good. id love to get on of then for a collection
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    Props My Dogwizard Hammer

    sweet nice job
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    1st Helmet

    [attachment=8672:gallery_...9_602768.jpg] hello everyone my friend told me to post . This is the 1st try on a helmet i hope you guys like. [attachment=8671:med_gall...9_445357.jpg] has working ventalation system