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  • haha thanks! once n a while i come up with something .. i have very little ambition lately
    hey! yeah i actually ... just finished my prawn costume .. district 9 i am over on the dented helmet as well as here ...i guess i am just retarded when it comes to paying attention to the forums i am a part of lol ... yeah im aware the costume is not completely Wikus accurate .... but i dont think ill be growing a mustache anytime soon http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g309/deathORdie/?action=view&current=100_5976.jpg and the other http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g309/deathORdie/?action=view&current=100_5994.jpg
    You should use low-def files, and for details.....like you said, but make sure you only print the parts you need so you don't waste cardstock :L They don't grow on trees you know XD
    Ahh....I see.....well I haven't had any experience with it because they are blardy hard to find where I live but have seem some foam builds like Jester's build.......you will have to use up some cardstock or paper if you want(I would use cardstock so it will be easier to draw the template on to the foam.....Pepakura also comes in foam build. Use pepakura files as Templates, print them out and trace it on the foam. Cut out patterns using foam cutter or Hot Knife the Hot glue them to each other :)

    Hope this helps
    Never tried the hot glue method....thought it might be too dangerous :L I recommend Resin and Fiberglass(Mat preferably)

    Here was my process through resin and fiberglass


    Resined and Glassed:

    Finished product:

    Just remember that there are safety does apply :) Good luck.

    P.S: I want to see your helm pics
    Hey there bud, apparently, ventrue assigned me to be your mentor.......So I'm your mentor, your my mentee but do you mind if you mentor me a bit for Mando armor :)
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