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    New York Comic Con

    Hi there, I will be at NYCC Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th in the afternoon. (I am the excite.)
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    Colonial Cons 2019

    Is anyone going to NYCC this weekend? I will be there Sat and Sunday (afternoon...have to work in am boo!). Cosplaying Cortana and Captain Marvel, haven't decided which days I will do them yet... Drop me a message!!
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    Introduce Yourself

    HAHAHA yea! The positive side is my laceration repair skills with super glue has leveled up significantly! My office needs a 'Days gone without gluing myself to myself: ' sign. As a side note: always seek medical attention if you get injured. There are very wrong ways to use super glue for...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Thanks! I have been reading through the tutorial threads and SO MUCH INFORMATION... it is great. I especially love the thread about supplies with some links of where to start looking for things (or WHAT something even is...). I feel confident that I can get some things rolling. Not gluing...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Anne or Aj Age: 38 Call Tag: drajbuky (social media) yordasuzu (xbl) Location: Long Island, NY Occupation: Equine Veterinarian and Acupuncturist About me: *cracks knuckles* So way back in the day, Halo/Halo2 were my brain down-time games of choice while slogging my way through veterinary...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Anne or AJ Profession: Equine Veterinarian and Acupuncturist Age: What is that old adage about asking a lady their age? Haha (late 30s for those of you who MUST know...) Favorite Hobbies: drawing, writing, video games, the beach Favorite part of halo: is is appropriate to answer ALL...