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    Moonwildflower's Mk Vi Armor

    Nice build wildflower. Man with a list like that she could project manage all our builds. Then we wouldn't have any excuses. lol Can't wait to see the upgrade pics.
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    Scaling Helments

    Each PEP file has it's own scaling. What I would do is grab a tester by the same person, or the low def version. Use regular paper and print it out origional. then make a judgment call on where you think it should be. That is what I plan on doing. Also folks tend to scale their pep the same way...
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    Scale Questions.

    Chip thanks for the Excel post man! I hadn't seen it for some silly reason but it rocks! now I can scale everyones stuff to the same size, or there about and consistancy will be great!
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    Bluerealm - Done With My Armor....

    Ok I know this kinda hasn't been posted to in a while. I did have a question, which I figured was worth posting. What material or materials did you use in the under armour. The castings look unreal, but the under armour looks as good as I have ever seen. If there is a process you used please do...
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    New Flex Foam 25 Cods... Nice!

    Ok now that we found better stuff Does anyone want to make a TUT on it? I worked with latex and some casting stuff when doing apliances for halloween and such but never anything this large. Do you make a complete PEP with bondo and resin first then cast it? As far as making a cast mold using...
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    Edge Lit H. U. D.

    Oh this sounds fun and expensive lol Actually fiber otics is a nice though but you have wires which aren't lit and are rather opake so it would be hard to see where you were going. Most HUD systems are a projection. Think like your projector at work that displays you laptop on the big screen...
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    Introducing The New

    WOW way to go rock on!!! :cool:
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    Using Expanding Foam Insulation To Make A Mold?

    Nice idea but the major issue is detail. Expanding foam is really sticky. It also dos n't bring out the details like you would normally get. our origional master would be destroyed in the process. Now for some good news. The foam is somewhat flexable but still is pretty ridged. Model...
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    Let The Madness Begin, Or My Warthog Build.

    Looking good.... What motor and tranny is it going to run when you are done?
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    The Wikia Is Totaly Bugged Out

    I soo hate vandels This sucks... I wish I could help but given my schedule it would be difficult. One suggestioin I have is to lock it down, use a password with 12 characters or so. only let a couple of people moderate it for now. Then start giving logons back out again.
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    The Wikia Is Totaly Bugged Out

    Ok I think I got it.. Links are fine for files, so no issues there. If you trace the links for the images they are hosted are on the 405th. Doesn't seem like a big deal except it is unable to display the image. If you follow the link to the image you get an error stating you must be logged in...
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    Syphon's Prom Suit

    hahaha don't worry. Just work out the warps get your primer done and ou are off to base color and weathering. On a side note you may want to get all your base done first then weather. It will be more consistant. Ithica has a great video tut on the weathering. It is really easy..
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    Syphon's Prom Suit

    Dude!!!! way to go... I never thought this would get done, you rock!. I mean this has gone so fast it is nice to see the progress with this much speed. Looking good too.
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    Complete Noob List

    You need a resperator, not a dust mask. The filter cartridges are designed to block the fumes from the resin. Consider this and some safety goggles manadorty purchases before anything else.
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    Police Report?

    The police report could conatin basic information like 12 year old boy in vehical. that goes public and it may also give the specific date. If it had your full legal name and birth date, address then no it should not be made public since you were a minor. If your mom agrees to the release then...