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    War Machine Armor Build - (Iron Man 2) -W.i.p

    Looking forward to see the result ! Great job ! ;)
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    Another Ironman Project

    Seeing all these pictures and your progress makes me want to take back the building of my own suit !
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    German Army Of Two(Salem) Maske

    Waw, it's great ! Did you build it through Pepakura like Halo stuffs or by yourself (I mean, without any software, etc.) ? Bis bald ! ;)
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    Iron Man 2 War Machine Helmet W.i.p

    Good job man ! Can't wait to see it finished ... ;)
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    Interested In Metting Foreigners ?

    Well, I didn't thought people would have seen my topic this way ... Funny anyway :D
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    Interested In Metting Foreigners ?

    Hi all, I'm French and this summer, September to be precise, I'll go to New York. Lucky for me, my father's cousin lives over there and she'll welcomed me from 30 August to 25 September. If I go there, it's for several things : to discovered NYC and to live my American Dream that I've...
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    How did you find us?

    I'd just finished Halo 3 when I went on the Net to search information about the series. Some links drove me on costumes market places. I saw a Master Chief costume, but didn't look that realistic. So I taped :"Master Chief Costume" or something and I've found the Website
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Jean-Philippe (It's french, so call me J.P.) Profession: Student, second time I do my High School last year. I'll enter University next october in Languages section (English/German) Age: 18 years old (going on my 19) Place : Dijon, little town in France Favorite Hobbies: - Sports ...