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    Calm before the storm

    It has come to my attention that an individual has been selling my work without credit. This post is not a cease and desist. This is a warning. You know who you are. You have done this to others. I will not name names. I don't need to. You will stop. You will refund all that have paid for...
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    Cool interactive 3d model service.

    I was looking for a way to post an interactive 3d view of my models on my website and found It is super easy to use. Here's a model that I should probably finish. gatchamanjun.obj (click to view in 3D) This can be a great way to have your model critiqued...
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    Important notes concerning the distribution of "Game Ripped" 3d content.

    If the item in question is "iconic" like for instance, Darth Vader's helmet, then it is not legal unless you have permission from the owner. This is a big issue for propmakers and court decisions have swung both ways. This is why I strongly suggest crediting the owner/author. It shows that...
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    Payday the Heist masks

    These are game rips with textures included in the pdo. Not unfolded yet. Wolf Hoxton Chains Dallas "Wolf", "Hoxton"...
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    Important notes concerning the distribution of "Game Ripped" 3d content.

    When you extract a 3d model from a game to use in Pepakura, always credit the owner of the mesh. It doesn't matter if you have altered the mesh to work better with pep. Crediting the owner shows that you do not claim ownership of the 3d content. This does not mean that the owner will not...
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    Mmpr Green Ranger Helmet

    Bump for those who missed it.
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    MMPR Blue Ranger complete

    Needs unfolding, but here it is. Download
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    Mmpr Green Ranger Helmet

    Blue Ranger is done! Needs to be unfolded. It is scaled the same as the others. Download here
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    Thank you, 405th!

    I was never really interested in the Halo universe other than the look of the armor. I got started making one of the pep helmets and took to it rather quickly because of my previous experience with card modeling. I soon found that there were other props that I would like to have, but could not...
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    Epic Hat Thread

    New pics (not taken with my crappy phone camera)... IMG_3944 by One of One Designs, on Flickr IMG_3923 by One of One Designs, on Flickr IMG_3931 by One of One Designs, on Flickr
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    Skyrim Steel Axe modeling

    Download the PDO here! I'm not sure if the dimensions are correct, but that's easy to fix.
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    More Pepakura Weapons

    The links are dead, the original poster is banned, and you have 3 posts all asking for stuff. Master Chief says "READ THE STICKIES OR ELSE!"
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    Skyrim Helm of Yngol

    Download here Modeled using blueprints (edited to show up better in ms3d) snagged from Volpin's Flikr gallery. My mesh flow sucks in a few places, but I wanted to get it done all in one go. The software I used to record is only 32bit, so it didn't want to allocate more ram to making a longer...
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    No more Pepakura modeling commissions

    I'm not taking any more commissions to model for pepakura ever again. Please don't ask me to model something for you. Don't ask me why. Suffice to say, I'm done. If I have aggreed to model something for you, please look for someone else to do it. I will continue to produce models for...
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    Commander Cody Pepakura

    Download here.