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  • oh ok that's what i did also but i was wondering if there was an easier way cause i hate fiberglass hahaha
    so colossalcon is coming up the begining of next month an i thought i could finish my entire armor by then. HAHAHAHAAHA! completely wrong. i want this to be the best project i've ever done and being my first cosplay i think i'm doing pretty well.
    I'm making mine for me. so I'm doing all the Noble 6 stuff first, then I'll start with all the rest of the stuff I want. If that make sense to you. I have never play the game so I really wouldn't feel that I need to be true to a character. If you look I used MY call sign on the armor (THORN). Of course I did have to laugh when I found out that the in game person was called Thorm.

    Just remember you're building a Spartan, They change/upgrade every chance they can.
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living the life of a spartan. just begining my mark v armor

Jan 1, 1992 (Age: 32)
full time employee at a plastics factory


Spartan E90Z
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