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    Desert ops ODST

    Hello everyone! I haven't been on as much as I should be, but I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. I got myself the Xcoser ODST helmet, and I have to say all in all not bad. I will be building a desert ops ODST because well I live in the Desert. So if there are others out there...
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    Build progress

    I finally got some sort of build going! I got the Xcoser ODST helmet, and I have to say it's actually pretty awesome. The padding on the inside is good quality, it's pretty solid the inside you can see they used fiberglass and resin, the outside is still like a plastic? I removed the logo, the...
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    RTX 2020 Austin, TX 4th of July weekend

    With it being so far out I might try and make out there. Do we know if HOD is happening next year?
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    Build progress

    Welcome! Of course it's ok to post here! As long as you live in the Southwest and you are working on armor or not and just looking to handle at events, you are a member. We just gotta get you cleared after you submit your costume. I will say I saw your build thread and it is looking really awesome!
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    Build progress

    I am stuck in a creative block currently. I am trying to figure out if I want to re make my custom ODST, Halo 4 Spartan, Agent Washington. I was also kicking about the idea of doing a master chief. What image host are you using?
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    Build progress

    What's going on everyone? Just figured I'd post up a thread to see how everyone's build progress/ WIPS are going
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    HOD shirt

    This is a thread for everyone that is attending HOD Huston. I need screen names and real names and shirt sizes so far I have WandererTj- Tanner medium
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    Wolfdog's ODST wip

    I like the first and the 3rd
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    Agent Carolina Build

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    Introduction - I guess I'm a noob again & a recruit. ;)

    welcome to the madness!
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    H3 ODST Build

    Nice looking brain bucket you got there! really liking the battle damage!
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    Introduction - I guess I'm a noob again & a recruit. ;)

    Hey Jim! welcome back! can't wait to see what builds you got going on, you work is really awesome!
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    Halo: Reach/CE hybrid Master Chief WIP

    I think this will be the first one, I will be watching with interest!
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    introduction and first question

    A good example of that would be Tarkov in the "We are ODST" game trailer at the end where you see his chest plate hanging off one side. I always enjoy seeing battle damage.
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    First Build Foam Halo 4 ODST MK2

    Looking good, I rather enjoyed the look of the halo 4 odst