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    im stressed, i dont know how to do this stuff!!!! :mad: is that bad :unsure:
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    Ok guys im might no be on for a VERY LONG TIME cuase i just got Rock Band 2 (OH YEA!!!!!)ill try to FC every song on mic :(
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    Rock Band 2

    o how do i do that :oops:
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    Rock Band 2

    heya guys i just got rock band 2.(YES!!!!!)i probably wont be on for a long time probably im gonna try to FC every song :lol: also i just got a Xbox live acount for 360 :rolleyes
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    I Forget :( :(

    Hey guys can someone tell me were to get the tutorial for pep?? if u have answer plz PM me or reply to my topic
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    heis nine too :lol:
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    me and Daredevil are making a helm and armor but i can barely work on it we finished the helmet and put on bonda finished thigh and chest
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    Something Wrong With My Internet Browser

    Are you sure you computer dosnt have fire walls?i know its dumb to ask :oops:
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    I just started pepakara and i dont know what to make first if you have any request please reply
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    i just finnished unfolding a halo 1 armored marine helm but forgot that u need the the passwordto save im broke to.getting $100s 4 my bday.
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    Does This Look Fine To U?

    Yes it does,Best i ever seen :D i just started pepakara so i think prety much every thing is perfect :lol:
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    Project: Hayabusa Helmet... And A Little Somethin Else...

    Heya Cool Hyabusa :cool: i just started making paper things Thanks for teh file :D