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    My M6g Finished

    How do you do these man i wanna try to do this!
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    Props My Smg From Halo3: Odst ......finshed

    Hey dude thats crazy you should make a reflex scope and a laser for it and re-post it would make it look so cool!
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    Phenry's Plasma Pistol

    Thats amazing you should paint it or colour to make it more real looking and post the pics after!
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    Halo Odst Or Mw2

    I pre-ordered ODST because i saw the E3 gameplay and found it amazing, i found it better than MW2 because MW2 is the samething like all other call of duty's all you do is kill people and do the objectives and Halo has alot of things to do like glitches and easter eggs and plus ODST is an open...