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    Jasman toys Plasma rifle

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    Community Photo. lolz...

    I'd love to be a part of this. my colors are: gunmetal grey-primary olive green - secondary with the grenade logo and if I could be holding a H1/H3 AR that would be awesome!
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    I love that show! it's the only TV that has ever sucked me in bad enough that I actually look forward to watching it when the episode comes out on mondays. usually I just wait for the DVD to come out and then rent it, if it's good I buy it
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    Predator Cloaking Technology!!!

    interesting, there are also laboratories working on refractive technology using plasmonics.
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    Armour Help

    hey amigo, you might try the stickied tutorial thread, that has a lot of links to stuff, other than that, just check out some of the older threads.
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    makin a ghost

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    Mk V Suit *New pics pg. 5*

    y'know, call me crazy, but I think that looks really cool the way it is. if you make a whole suit that looked that color and kind of warped, you could put it on a mannequin and call that your "first" suit, it was trashed when you fought the covenant, and so that's why you upgraded to your MVI
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    makin a ghost

    if you were wanting to make that motorised, I could see you fitting a motor in the front between your legs. of course you'd want to remake that frame out of something stronger, like metal. :mrgreen:
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    AR interest... new vid on pg47 11/26

    that's right, and as far as I know, Ares is doing some graphics and diagrams, and I'm doing words. BTW, ares, for some of your diagrams, you might check out for some examples. :Steve:
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    Other Costumes We want

    well, I have a pretty big list of costumes that I'd love to do: 1. Wolverine from the X-men movies, (yes I can pull of the look) - in progress 2. Hellboy 3. Master Chief 4. custom Jedi (totally) 5. Rocketeer 6. Star Trek crew member 7. Cleric from equilibrium 8. The Rocketeer 9...
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    Customizations on your armor

    I was thinking of making a cooling suit, it would add bulk to your body (making the suit look better) my idea for the cooling suit would be to take a cooling system for a computer mod, with the tubes that hold coolant, and then attach them to a leotard/jumpsuit thing, so the cooling tubes...
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    the best place in portland OR to get that stuff is called Andy & Bax
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    AR interest... new vid on pg47 11/26

    cool. just so you know that I am way into doing this...but it may take awhile.
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    AR interest... new vid on pg47 11/26

    it's slow going because I have other projects that I HAVE to work on, plus actual, you know, work. but I'm making it a point to at least get something in there every night.
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    AR interest... new vid on pg47 11/26

    I'm still working on it. but if Ares is good at doing realistic looking fake diagrams of things, he would be a big help. and should PM me other than that, I have the writing words part handled. p.s. it's slow going, but it's looking cool.