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    Grif from RvB cosplay

    Helmet looking Legit bro
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    Sergeant Johnson build (WIP)

    Nicely done bro. I love what you have so far.
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    Detailed construction tutorial: Reach Foam Biceps [Shoulder] (file in the 405th db)

    looking good EVA. I know its from 2014 but still gotta give you props
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    First build: Thom A293 based concept armor

    Everything looks clean bro. I love watching reach builds
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    South East Florida - New Recruit

    ODST is a very popular build. Wish you luck and looking forward on seeing progress
  6. DSCN0673


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    Grif from RvB cosplay

    That PEP looks clean. The cleaner the pep is the easier and better the finished product will be. Good job
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    First time build: DMR and ODST Pistol

    That is a fantastic job. Keep it up spartan
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    Keep on truckin

    Keep on truckin
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    Halo 5 "Noble" PEP, paper build.

    It's been a couple of years but I am back on this website and will be continuing my halo 5 Noble build. For those of you who are new to this site this is my previous build was Carter from Halo Reach. I look forward on watching everyone build progress and will be interacting a lot on this site.
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    My Carter Commando armor

    that sounds like fun. Add me on xbox. ErMaC l
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    My Carter Commando armor

    I buy PETG Thermoform .020'' plastic
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    My first build - Pepakura Mark VI Spartan Armor

    very smart to use dowels. That chest piece looks perfect.