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  • So i have almost finished (Again) my ODST helmet, this time the size its right, its like 6 cm smaller than the first one i made, wich make me look like a bubble head xD.
    well i used to had my own blog in here, but i cant find it anymore, anyways, my previous work was useless cuz it was overzised and i dont wanted to look like bubble head, so i started it over, i have shoulder plate and chest plate from ODST already folded and ready for Resin and fiberglassing reinforcement, the helmet i have already made its useless and old now but it can be useful to see what parts are actually needed to be folded, on the new ODST helmet that i am currently folding Visor and front part is already done, need to make only the rest of the helment :p )
    Jealous that your making Ironman! The one armor that makes me wish i was a dude >.<. I'm currently working on Sentinel Prime, Kat and Sweetpea from Sucker Punch
    You used to be able to upload directly from your hard drive....now you have to paste the code from photobucket.
    i've finally got my DREMEL yay =D
    oh & 50 buckles i bought from ebay too !
    AWESOME, i'll start peping again right away ! =D
    Nice!!! I do some drawing, never dealt with paint and stuff though, mostly just pencil sketches, I would upload some but you can't load them from your PC anymore...
    does anybody Draws in here ?
    i use to have a profile on deviantart, this was one of my older drawings, like 3 years ago :p
    i live here because of my bf, he was in the military when we met in the states but he's actually from here
    yeah but it will be too hard to manuever around at the halloween parties. haha he is already close to 7 ft without them.
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Hermosillo MX.

Architecture, cars, soccer, xbox, beer (not in that order )
July 14
architect, soccer dude, spartan


Also check Out for my hard Journey making my own ODST suit on my Blog! http://www.405th.com/blog.php/27753 & Add me on XBL. my gamertag is: Erveii