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    Halfrican's Grunt Build

    Haha yeah thats what i plan on doing with it. Having a grunt decoration in the house would be hella tight
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    Halfrican's Grunt Build

    Its supposed to be wearable but i havent scaled it yet. Eventually im gonna make one to fit my roommate's little brother, im just test building right now. Ummm i dont remember where i found the pep files cause ive been surfing the web so much for pep files.
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    Halfrican's Grunt Build

    Hey folks i just joined a bit ago but ive been observing for a few months now and i just recently started my own build. So far i havent found anyone building a Grunt so i thought i would try to be the first. Ill upload some pics and if any of you have some ideas or even constructive critisism i...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Eric Stubblefield Profession: Server (Olive Garden) Age: 20 Favorite Hobby: Swimming Favorite part of halo: Rocket Races but they're gone :( Favorite Halo: Halo3 Favorite Video Game: NFS Most Wanted Other Interests: Reading, running, video games Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Band: The...