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    Does Anyone Make Mk Vi Armor Anymore?

    I'm making one right now for my son everything is pep except for the helmet.
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    Roxas S. Embers Mark Vi Wip

    i did three helmets already and i use this scaling method by abrant3 never fails me.. i hope this help :D
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    Visor, Would Plexiglass Work?

    I got my visor from this guy, Really cheap cost me five bucks.
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    Odst - Trooper's Thread Of Stuff

    awesome job dude.
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    Team Psh First Mjolnir Suit

    Looking good, We both have the same chest piece im also working on my son's mkVI suit. it's just to cold to do fiber glassing and resining the whole thing.
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    Help With The Pepakura

    what work best for me is, i do all the fold first and then cut out all the pieces with Xacto knife. I personally like this method but be organize don't stack everything in one big pile.
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    Mark Vi Helm Build W.i.p. ***pics***

    she's beautiful man good job.
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    Halo 3 Marine And Mkvi Wip

    nicely done. we got the same chest piece i made for my two years old son.
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    My Pep Projects

    looking good...
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    Halo Show

    i wanna see the jabbawockeez wearing those costume,that would be ill.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: eugene AKA pnoy_assassin Profession: warehouse coordinator Age: 26 Favorite Hobby: web browsing,working on my acura integra and lots more.... Favorite part of halo: when the prophet got stab to death. Favorite Halo: 3 Favorite Video Game: all time fav FF7,call of duty 3-MW2 and of...
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    How did you find us?

    Well i was watching one of the episode of g4 on youtube, they featured the one with skullcandy girl and i went to this website and start reading and lots of reading......BTW thank you 405th for all the help. :rolleyes