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    Sean Anwalt's Halo 4/5 Master Chief build

    Sadly, I only did the tut for the shoulders. The shins and thighs seem to be the parts that give most builders the hardest time... myself included. No special tricks I can think of.. just know that I built each part at least twice before getting it to an acceptable shape. I guess that kind of is...
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    Please add WiskTangFoxt to the Pacific Reg. Thanks! - EVAkura
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    Halo 3 - UNSC ODST

    Here is a link that I created for the FULL Set of this armor (foam conversion). Hope this helps! Dropbox - H3 ODST full armor set - Foam Conversion.rar
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    Looking for 3 members in the LA area in armor for an Oct 5th opportunity

    I have been contacted for an opportunity in the LA area for up to three members in armor (Spartans and ODST preferred) to be in a scene for HBO's "Here Now" show! If you are interested and available, please contact me for more information. This will be a "First Come" scenario.
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    Official request for an appearance for one member in Seattle... details within

    Looking for ONE member to represent the 405th (in full suit) for a small event on Wednesday the 30th, from 3pm-4:30pm in Seattle. The preference is for the Master Chief, but any presentable Spartan/ODST will be fine. If interested, please contact me via PM and I can provide more information...
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    Active members, Sound off!!

    Active members, Sound off!! If you are a member with a suit, and would like to be considered for any upcoming events, please take a moment and PM me with your info (add your email and location so I can add you to the list). This is an active roll call, and I eagerly await your response. (CO of...
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    Suit/ chest pieces

    To cut a chest piece (or any hardened pep piece), the general consensus is to use a Dremel (rotary tool) with a cutting disk (Wear eye protection!!!). Take your time, and plan your cuts beforehand. Also, magnets work well for most things... but I have found that quick release clips work far...
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    Event opportunity! Calling all Washington members (especially Seattle area)!

    Attention all Western Washington members (and further too)! The coordinators of RENCON (Renton Comicon) have requested 405th members in Halo Armor or Costume to participate in this weekend's "Renton River Days" parade on Saturday, July 22nd. They have offered participating individuals a FREE Day...
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    Completely New Here with my First build.

    3 days for a full suit is not much time (I can hardly get one piece done in that)! Even with the parts breaking during the con (common occurrence), I hope you had fun and were able to meet other members. Hoping to see what you can create if you have more time! ... and, thanks for sharing :)
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    Halo master chief build

    This is looking great! BTW, I am really looking forward to seeing the combination of the motocross jacket :)
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    Completely New Here with my First build.

    Please post pics when you get a chance... would love to see!
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    My first build - Pepakura Mark VI Spartan Armor

    Outstanding Pep work! Glad to see you have picked this back up again :) Poor weather can be such a bummer! BTW, I think the new scaling of the helmet is perfect
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    JonteBoi's Second Halo: Reach Spartan Costume

    The difference between your before and after shots are amazing! Beautiful work! Can't wait to see more :)