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    Member Name Changelog

    Thekeegstor is now FalseShepherd.
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    Member Name Changelog

    Thekeegstor - TheFalseShepard is one character too long. We need 15 characters to fit on one line. @SpartanA247 is now FloodHunter
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    What are your thoughts on the 405th fighting the 501st in a nerf war?

    Alrighty then. I'm going to lock this thread. I considered deleting it but I'm hoping that others see it and don't start a new one.
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    What are your thoughts on the 405th fighting the 501st in a nerf war?

    Hey all....the 501st does not fall under the RPF. It is a very separate group.
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    Member Name Changelog

    DosasterRus is now DisasterRus TheLonlySpartan is now CountManchester
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    Member Name Changelog

    Sir HappyBear I - did you by any chance try to register that name with a different email address?
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    Use of the 405th Name and Posts about PPE in Healthcare

    We're seeing more and more people using the 405th name without seeking approval first from me. While I know that your hearts are all in a good place, the name is not yours to use. As well, I posted this on the main 405th Facebook page the other day but it bares repeating (see below). We need...
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    Build Thread - PB and Chief Cookies

    I'm just here for the cookies. WHERE ARE THEY????
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    Unexpected Present

    That really is stunning!
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    You need 50 posts and 90 days. You are past the 90 days but have 26 posts. Once you hit 50 you can be added.
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    COVID-19 and Our New Normal

    Just a heads up folks....things are weird here for me with work so I'm not on as often as normal. I'll do my best to take care of things but please have patience.
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    Member Name Changelog

    Spartan117x is now BlindRascal ZP180 is now Fallen Raynes Shadow is now ixRainShadowxi
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    Halo 3 Marine armor (give any advice or tips you can please)

    - Making notes...... PaiganBoi was late - Tsk, tsk.
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    CADET115 Foam ODST(First time)

    Hello CADET115! I see you have survived a derailment by FOTR. You've made a great choice in a place to start with foam building. There are tons of super great tutorials here to fill your brain up with all kinds of information but you really just need to keep a couple of things in mind to get...
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    COVID-19 and Our New Normal

    Hello all, What is happening all over the world is unprecedented and frankly, a little scary. I work for the Justice Dept. in my local government and on Friday we were getting update emails about every 20 minutes to 1 hour from management as things rapidly changed and they made changes in...