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    Destiny pepakura files (download within)

    Baller. Thanks for the work!
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    Sandbagger's Iron Man builds - Now in STEEL.

    That's awesome, man. Keep up the fantastic work.
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    Props Nerf Reach Assault Rifle PIC HEAVY

    Impressive job. Just be cautious toting that thing around, since it does't have a blaze orange tip to indicate it's not a real weapon.
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    Djronic's Halo: Reach EOD helm/full suit - WIP

    Most impressive. Look forward to seeing further development of your kit.
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    Dead Island is back and looks amazing.

    MMmm. Fresh Zombies.
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    Now it's our turn to do something amazing......

    I'd be willing to pitch in some for funding this project.
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    Soft Parts Name Tapes Resource

    If you guys are looking for name tape suppliers for your BDUS, I have a few sites I've used in the past. has a lot of options, and is reasonably priced. has similar options with some other items as well...
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    Custom Embroidered Halo Patches/badges

    That's pretty cool. I'll be interested when you get this to production. mjolnir follower, you'll probably need 3 stencils for the emblem, one of each layer.
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tags

    Not sure if I have my info in here. 405th Name: FinAeros XBLA GT: Buddy Duffman Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Time zone: Eastern
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    Props Nerf Ma5B

    Pretty sweet work there. Good luck with your future projects.
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    Leekegan Halo Reach Sniper

    Another terrific job, Lee.
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    2010 Con's You Are Planning For

    I am looking forward to PAX East. Hopefully will rock some of my ODST kit there.
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    New Odst Armor Started

    Sweet Roller, this is awesome.
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    New Odst Armor Started

    Sweet corn chipped beef on toast~! That's one sexy job there! Ghah, too much to do and not enough time or money. Once I finish my H2 ODST stuff I'll add this to the list of "I wish I was good enough to touch that." I'll definitely contact you about a visor when I get to it, those phenomenal...