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    Any girls here?

    I wanna know if there is any girls here? i want some friends who arent all men from my friend group now
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    Gaming night

    Im free for some games at some point. Im free next friday if anyone would wanna play some games. Im not the best at some shooters but i sure do try my hardest! hahaha
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    Destiny 2 help!!!

    thats insanely awesome to know. (i know it wasnt directed to me but its still awesome)
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    suit help

    now that i am working on my tech suit i was wondering what armor to start making. I downloaded pepakura and now im just trying to figure it out
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    Halo 3: Battle Rifle build

    thank you!
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    Tech suit

    100% good to know thank you
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    Tech suit

    So I’m starting my build with a tech suit for a base i was wondering if anyone knew what kind of fabric I could use. I’d really appreciate the help. Thank you! Also small question has anyone used a magnets to attach the armor?
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    Getting creative around the park.

    Oh my god that’s amazing!!!
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    Foam New to foamsmithing

    Thank you!
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    Roll Call!

    Hi I’m firefly!
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    Now this a place I can get behind!
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    Foam New to foamsmithing

    Is there any help anyone could offer about working with foam?
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    How would one do a build thead? Also is there a meme page :)