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    Pep AR

    That is actually a much simpler solution than mine, thanks man hah. I will take some pics as soon as I get off work.
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    Pep AR

    So I've decided to dust off my assault rifle I pepped last year, determined to finish it up. (no pictures atm, posting from iPhone at work.). The problem I have is a wicked curve towards the middle of the grip and up towards the barrel. I was thinking of bisecting the whole thing lengthwise...
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    Soft Parts ODST / Marine off duty uniform?

    I like Cpt. Cutter's uniform. Not too much different than the Imperial Officer uniform, really. More badass.
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    Soft Parts Undersuit Resource Thread

    Glad that all this stuff is grouped right here for easy access.
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    My Battle Rifle Solution......NERF!!

    What Nerf guns did you use?
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    Unyielding (Sean Bradley kit p.2-and-a-half)

    Good job, man. Can't wait to see more.
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    [Central] Moldmaking for newbies

    Really wish all of the pictures were working...
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    UNSC SOCOM Trooper-WIP

    This build is awesome. Can't wait to see it finished.
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    "We Are ODST" helmet painted

    This helmet is sick.
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    WIP: Weighted Companion Cube for my daughter =)

    Haha yeah this is gnarly.
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    So close, Yet So Far......

    Looking good man.
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    My current project

    What are you making the AR out of? I made one out of cardstock but it's got a wicked curve to it. Can't really tell by the picture. I think I'm gonna try to clean it up somehow.
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    Noble 6 helmet and Reach magnum build

    Damn, I can't see the pictures.
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    First Helmet.

    Thanks. Like I said, I kinda rushed through the bondo/putty stage. You can see it's cratered like the moon hah. I only did one layer of bondo then sanded and one layer of spot putty. I learned a hell of a lot though and plan to take my time on the next one for sure.
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    If I had a super weapon...

    This is gnarly.