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  • I admired your work on the MK V, but the problem is that I can’t see the photos of the progress. Is there a way in which I can see how this magnificent armor was done?
    I hate that I can't post in your thread, but I wanted to say awesome, AWESOME job. I should have my Mk.V done by H:CEA launch, and I can only hope it looks 1/2 as good as yours. I used Rinoc's files, so it will be a bit different but I can't wait to share. Yours was a huge inspiration for mine.
    Hey just saw your thread in the Elite and congrats on making it to that forum! Had a question, did you replace the backside of your helm with a silicone (or something similar) base yet? or are you just leaving it open?
    Thank you so much, it seems that you have just saved me so much hassle :), I really appreciate your help very much.
    Flying Spartan, if you would be willing could you send me the link as to where you managed to get the files for the Mark V Helmet? I will soon be undertaking a project to build the suit and, I like you want to build the original suit instead of the newer ones.
    If you can help me out, I would really appreciate *any* help at all.
    hi there mate sorry about this i feel so stupid but how do you change your profile picture
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