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    Recon Pep Helm Help

    Hey guys sorry I have been feeling TERRIBLE lately and have made no progress in almost 2 weeks! OMG I FEEL ILL!!! I have finished the top part but its not very good and im gonna take a break and make a nice simple SMG. Oops i may have forgotten to scale my helmet-(CONTENT DELETED)...
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    Yet Another Nerf Sniper Rifle

    OMG that is really cool. I would so do that but to import one of those things to the UK from the USA is like £50! and that's off ebay! Ur lucky to live in Malaysia or where-ever you live. The best ive got is a recon and a raider. No-where sells spare clips and recons are like £20...
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    Yet Another Nerf Sniper Rifle

    Hey OMG that is awesome :D -does it fire?
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    Recon Pep Helm Help

    Update: I worked from about 5:00pm to 9:00pm on and off on this and still needs allot of work. But sorry It says that I have used 2.85mb of my 4.88mb allowance for pics and I don't know why. :( Any comments would be great. P.S. I used a Clarke high temp hot glue gun with an insulated...
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    Recon Pep Helm Help

    Hey Guys! This is my work table
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    Recon Pep Helm Help

    Hey guys Would this work?- Thx
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    Recon Pep Helm Help

    Hey Dusty, By elmers glue or "tacky glue" I believe what you are talking about is PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate)-that's what we call it over the pond here in the UK. Note-It is tacky but it gets everywhere and too little doesn't work and a bit too much and It slips like hell! GiR3892-I have used...
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    Recon Pep Helm Help

    Hey 405th I have decided to start a recon pep helmet and have a craft knife, craft board and the printed pep-but no hot glue gun! I could not get one yesterday so im going out today to get on! I need some advice now, Thanks!- :D
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    Halo Legends S117 Suit Help

    Hey 405th! I have decided to start a Halo Legends-The Package John-117 Suit. I need some advice now. I know the chest and shoulders are different but what about the helmet? The helmet will be the big thing. I am planning for it to have integrated comms, lights and POSSIBLY night vision. My...
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    Bb Ma5C

    Hey 405th! At school today I had an idea. I know that Sithslayer78 has made a nerf AR but why can there not be some that are BB? Now I need some help. What gun to mod and just some general ideas or constructive criticism. Thanks all.
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    Cayokes H2 Odst Wip Fully Pepped (Last Up Date Apri/28/10) On P.4

    SWEET!!! Is that reflex sight just a bit of clear plastic? I was thinking, could you do that to a BB gun? Thanks
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    Props Blueprints Halo: Reach Battle Rifle

    That is so cool, I might make one! :D
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    Props Ammo Packs And Boxes

    I agree, that is legendarily good. You are awesome! :)
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    Every Scouts Best Friend

    OMG!!! That Spartan laser is AWESOME!!! :D :) :cool
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    Odst Magnum Selling Numbers?

    Greetings 405th! Apart from the problem about selling all I need is an improved Soildworks file! That's if Belakor agrees to help me Pics up very soon!