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    Fallout 4 Raider/Sole Survivor Build!

    So outside of the Halo universe, I am always stoked about a good apocalypse flavoured game. The Metro series has been one of my favourites for a good long while, and I fell in love with Fallout 4 when my good friend bought it for me a few years ago. When my good friend, Viper 466 , built his...
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    Reach Turret Build! —HEAVY DUTY

    Put in some more work in the shop tonight! I was able to glue on most of my 1/8” hardboard panels, and just have a couple small pieces for the back of the legs left to glue on. I also started working on a portion I’ve been dreading, which are some of the details on those round bits of mdf. I’ve...
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    Reach Turret Build! —HEAVY DUTY

    Spent some time over the last couple nights cutting out some more details for the tripod legs from 1/8” hardboard. The circles are 1/2” mdf cut with a hole saw, and I beveled the edges by attaching them to my drill and spinning them on my belt sander lol....2” diameter if I recall correctly.
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    Props MA5B Conversion stock for M1A in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308WIN)

    Sadly mine wouldn’t be quite game accurate either, as anything beyond semi is also prohibited here. I’m jealous of what you guys can get in most states, even if you have to shell out mad money for it! Anyway, I’m keen to see how your build progresses!
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    Reach Turret Build! —HEAVY DUTY

    No worries there, but thanks for the heads up! I shoot competitively (albeit not very well haha), and I’ve been shooting regularly since my early teens. My plan is to make that blast guard out of some 1/8” plate I have lying around, and backing it with some 1/2” (or around there) mdf to give it...
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    Props MA5B Conversion stock for M1A in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308WIN)

    This is a wicked looking build! Being a Canuck, unfortunately aftermarket bull pup stocks or conversions are prohibited. Luckily, though, we have the Norinco type 97’s up here for relatively cheap. When the pocket book is a little more full, I might try my hand at building a BR from one of the...
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    Reach Turret Build! —HEAVY DUTY

    Don’t worry, it will still be removable! That being said, it will be a heavy pig when it is done ( I’d guesstimate 30-40 lbs?). I hope to integrate some electronics to simulate recoil, which will add some weight. I also intend to make the blast shield (or whatever you want to call the big guard)...
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    Reach Turret Build! —HEAVY DUTY

    Hey all! I apologize for my limited forum presence recently, as life has gotten in the way of my cosplaying. That being said, I will be making a solid effort to be more vocal on the forums, and I have a build to share as well! We have had a good selection of props at the 405th booth at the...
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    Jaku's Venator and Misc builds

    I'm going to have to disagree with this. Pep is an awesome way to get into the costuming world, and helmets are great because they are symmetrical, roundish objects. A little time and patience go a long way. I did mine without any power tools (aside from a Dremel that I purchased near the end of...
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    Jaku's Venator and Misc builds

    It would appear that you didn't glue the pep visor in at all, which leads to the brim of the helmet not being supported during hardening. Looks good for a first helmet thought! Onward and upward!
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    Foam Cutting Tools

    Haven't personally used them for foam, but I know a number of people who swear by band saws and bench mount belt sanders.
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    Props Warthog/ghost commission

    We shouldn't discuss pricing outside of the marketplace forum or private messages, so please feel free to drop me a message and we can potentially figure something out.
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    Pepakura Questions

    There is a free version of pepakura designer, you just can't save scaled files in it, so it's smart to record any scaling data for projects. Asking for a key or free way to get it seems like you want to pirate it, which isn't cool. There are all kinds of things designed for pepakura that...
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    Some questions

    How do you manage to get on even coats of plasitidip because when I spray it on it either splays in blotchy messy sprays, or completely over coats it I've had issues with some cans of plasti dip just being like that, and have returned some to the store on occasion if it was too hard to deal...
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    My First Armor Build

    There are a few options. First, you can harden the outside with a coat of resin, then drill a hole (or a couple holes) to slosh some resin/rondo/smoothcast around inside. Or, like you said, after hardening the outside you can split it, fiberglass it, then hope the Stars have aligned and there...