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    Props Gravity Hammer (Very Pic Heavy)

    Tom, yes you could use mettal, but i might have a cheeper, simpler method for you. plastic styrene sheets. something around 2mm, cut into the shape you wanted then just use the old heat gun method to make it plyable and shape. it's a bit tricker then foam as it cools REALLY quickly. best...
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    Ironman MK7?

    Well given how similar this is to the mark 4/6. I was planning to start the process of updating models to match the new look. thankfully while none of the art all matchs up exactly, there's enough agreeance between the shots to update everything but the back and butt cod. prolly start on it...
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    Iron Man Costume Contest.

    Yeah, i saw that contest a month ago but alas, it's only open to US residents. Which means me, Finhead and Stealth are all out of that game :D oh well. Votin for ya stonewall, so far yours is the best finished suit i've seen.
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    I Need Help On Iron Man Mark Iii Costume

    yeah I havn't seen jake online yet today, but then msn has been wonky today, just let him know i sent ya and should have no problems Ikarus
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    Question For All The Pepakura Iron Man Builders

    Well mine, is being mounted into the under structure and the actual armor will rest over it. But again on the HT figure it's not IN the chest hole but sits flush with the backside.
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    I Need Help On Iron Man Mark Iii Costume

    Well While someone could do it for you, you won't learn anything from that. I recommend you look up the member Xtreme_Tactics_101. He can help you. But untill he does, how about a few bits of info you'll need to get help. 1. DO you have pep designer? not viewer, but designer. 2. Have...
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    Question For All The Pepakura Iron Man Builders

    best choice would be when you make the template, make it to the hero suit size, but note that for use on a person the template should be scaled to match thier size. IE if the RL arc from rim to rim is 6.6cm in diamiter on someone who's 5'9 (RDJs rough hieght) then for someone who's 6'4 the...
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    Question For All The Pepakura Iron Man Builders

    AHHHh, I gave that .. the "hole" in the chest armor IS the chest RT which is 1.0cm diamater, so the hole is 1mm smaller then the actual arc reactor, or when you look at it, the hole is the size of the arc reactor MINUS the reactors outter ring housing. if a cheepo diagram would help just ask...
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    How To Make The Armor Look "shiny" Or Like Metal?

    yeah basically you start with something like 80 grit and stand till it's fairly smooth then progress to something like 320 till you get a nice even smooth surface., then Primer, multiple thin coats of paint, then few layers of clear coat to protect the finish. You can get a paint gun...
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    Question For All The Pepakura Iron Man Builders

    Sorry Honus, not sure i follow you, the "OD"? mind being bit more specific, i'll gladly measure it, just want to know what you want measured. (just incase, the RT is the "hole" in the armor, as it's actually a repulsor mounted over the arc reactor)
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    Question For All The Pepakura Iron Man Builders

    On the Hero physical suit the RT chest mountlarger then the chest sizing, it only goes from inside of the outer rim to outer rim. I dug out my HT 1/6 scale figure (a very good scale replica of the physical suit) and the RT measures 1.0cm while the actual Arc from rim to rim is 1.1cm
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    Arc Reactors And Animatronics

    Honus: I presume your using a arduino as your controller, as you are using one in your desktop cnc build. Anyways, a quick and imo more reliable way to do motion tracking like that is simply to place the 3 axis gryo in the head, preferably the center of the brow. Then read the inputs nearly...
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    Iron Man Helmet, And Newbie Questions!

    Dude, here's a suggestion. Do it right And go dig out Dubiens HD 2.1 helmet. Then just resin the outside, fiber the inside, install lights & she'll be tickled pink
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    Iron Man Pep Files?

    wow, We looked really hard I can tell. Hey look, there's one Right on the fist page of the pepakura forum. (the wierd links are usually 4shared, a free file hosting site)
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    Iron Man Mark 6 Hd Pepakura Project

    I think he means really good ones, all the current ones are okay, but don't really match up well with the main files people are using (in looks or shape) but me and Dub are working on fixing that :D And if it helps shark, I have the Mk6 6" figure, it's not perfect for reference, But would...