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  • Damn, I fell behind. I have work to do for the college classes I'm taking this semester... Perhaps this wasn't the best decision of my life to choose such a crunch time for this project... Regardless, I started, so I goddamn plan on finishing this thing through! Halloween is the hope deadline, but ~16 days is cutting it close, even for me... I have blocks planned out of my schedule, but I am working when I can.
    Just printed out the card stock, and I will start pepping ASAP (probably Thursday afternoon, and if not then then it will probably kick it to this Sunday).
    Next update when I can.
    So I had the ACT yesterday, and I feel terrible awful today, so today I'm not going to get any work done on my suit... I also have an essay to complete (and oh god will that take a lot of my time away between today and Wednesday), so work will be (if not halted) slowed. Since Friday, I did complete putting on the primary buckles and straps on my vest. The last thing that needs doing is sanding the pieces down and gluing it all together.
    Forum post soon, another update sooner, when I can!
    Okay, final quick update for tonight- I just wanted to say so that anyone who is actually looking at the page can keep tabs before the forum post; I will go get my straps and buckles tomorrow after class, and I just found out my father has not only a soldering iron so I can mark up some battle damage (and maybe get a little crazy with some electronics), but he also has a dremmel, thank Christ for that. The breastplate will be finished by Sunday, Pep may start Sunday (with luck) or Monday (for sure).
    Between Monday afternoon and today (Thursday evening), I have basically completed my armor vest. I have cut all of the pieces out of the EVA foam completely, and they are ready to be glued together after I clean up some of the edges (with luck, my soldering iron will help with that one). I plan on gluing the pieces to the vest once I get some buckles and straps and making sure it all fits together properly ON me.
    Once that is done, I'll start with the pep and then I'll actually make a forum post! Hoorah!
    I'll update back as soon as I can!
    Okay, a new update; finally!
    In the last 9 days, I have made some serious headway on the project. Sunday I met a man at Lowe's, who actually convinced me to go with the pepakura method, using card stock, but not using fiberglass. He explained to me that there is a way to do it safely, void complete of fiberglass; the method he was talking about was the wood-glue/wood putty method... I'll explain more in the future, but it basically uses a water/wood-glue solution for stability on the inside of the helm, and on the outside it uses wood-putty for detailing (in place of bondo). I will start working with my card stock/pep soon with cubes, to see how different amounts of water in the glue make it do what things i.e. if it actually makes the card stock wilt instead of super stable (and even maybe to test on with the putty as well- I'll need some practicing before diving into my helm).
    The final part of the tests was the clay reacting to the cardboard base. It did end up sticking, which isn't bad, but the cardboard succumbed to the heat and ended up curling and not being a good base for a material that has to be heated to fully, and properly, cure.
    Final verdict: Failure.
    I will move on to my next material idea, which is a milk-stone idea, which can be seen on making it, and how it can be used. This video here can show you what it is.
    I will work on it as soon as possible and get back to update as soon as I can!
    Results! First off, the cardboard used didn't burst aflame, hooray! Now for how the actual clay turned out. The 3 flat pieces all did not come out well; the 2 I cooked came out too brittle, and the third I left outside flat out didn't dry (it was a bit humid outside and it ended up a mess I just threw away). The two pieces I made as an antennae came out pretty well, but they were for sure too brittle as well (they did not survive dropping from a short height). I found that the clay was for sure too airy, and it expanded and all pieces just about lost shape.
    The other 3 pieces (the 2 durability tests and the piece I botched just because why not right) came out fairly well as far as durability, as I was able to drop them and throw them several times with very little breakage, though, if I were to make the full mask for the helmet out of this material, it would crack and misshape in the oven, making it not a good material to use. (Char limit reached)
    I used cardboard as a base on, not only to keep all of my mother's housewares clean, but to see if cardboard will, in fact, be a good base for the helmet itself. My rationale of using cardboard stems from several places on the internet using cardboard instead of card-stock, though those were resin'd which I do not have the luxury of using... It seemed like a good, relatively strong base which is safe enough to pass the Mom-Test... I hope to GOD that it doesn't burst aflame in the oven.

    I will post back within the upcoming days with the results!
    I have just completed making some home-brew clay/dough for testing on, which I believe I will end up using for the primary of the mask/helm. I have made several test pieces: 3 flat pieces (one to dry outside in the FL heat and sun, the other two to leave in the oven tonight before hitting the sheets) to test how the pieces dry in different heat sources, and also to test durability (one of these I will test to see how spray paint will react on it), 3 pieces to see if I can cut a middleman in the project (2 antennae and a botch'd filter to see it I don't need to use cardboard- I'll explain soon), and 2 other thicker pieces to see how durable things are when cooked (and a test to see IF they cook fully- I've done projects like this before and the inside didn't cook properly, which ruined the whole thing).
    Okay, update time! Firstly, for any people seeing this and wondering why I am posting on MY OWN page, I am using this as an update/posting system until I get some serious headway in my project; once I do that, THEN I will make a forum post about all of this. Now for the real business (this will be posted in numerous posts, per the character restriction).
    Wow, I forgot I had this account, good thing I stopped back by though. Back when I made this account I was so chipper and so bent on creating Halo armor, I was going to jump RIGHT into it and get building, but as the year went on, I started to lose my hope for this project and I did eventually give up entirely. I realized that what I wanted to do for this project was absurdly more than I could actually do, and I jumped in over my head with this. Though, recently I started playing Fallout: New Vegas on PC from the latest Steam Sale. This being the case, I realized that NCR Rangers were 100% badass, and I have a lot of friends who love this game and franchise to death. So, as it's finally my Senior year, I'm going to re-attempt to build armor, but this time I'm going to shoot for that instead. I'll do it with foam and probably some other bits and bobs, but I am looking forward to actually trying this again. It's going to be a great side-thing for me to do while Senior year drags along.
    I'm slow to get a start, it's been horrendously rainy in FL, and I haven't gotten the chance to start with school thrown into the mix. I'm dragging my feet, but I still hope I can get this don't by Halloween.
    To any who see this, I am beginning work on a paper mache Emile armor build. You see, my mother does not think that fiberglass is safe... With good reasoning. So, in a quest to make halo armor in some fashion, safer and easier than fiberglassing and such, I have done research and gotten materials to begin my armor. My personal deadline is Halloween (Halo-ween as I have tagged it) 2011. I will make a forum when I have made sufficient progress. Please let me know what you think, any and all.
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