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    Very first (foam) build. DFT ODST(another one)

    Well I didn't use pepakura. I will on my next one I believe. I used a template PDF for this particular suit. If you are very new look up Andrew dft and see if this suits your needs. I like it because it gets me used to working with the foam. This does lack details but a great learning avenue for...
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    My first ODST Build

    Looking great!
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    First Build - Halo Reach - Pictures!!

    Very nice work! Nice and clean. Keep it up, cant wait to see the final piece. :)
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    Buzz Lightyear - 2016 Halloween Costume

    :eek I'm blown away with this! Fantastic work sir!
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    Halo Reach Recon Helmet - Completed

    Very well done!
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    Very first (foam) build. DFT ODST(another one)

    Ok....I skipped a lot of build process as I was running out of time and being a beginner, some things took way longer than I had anticipated. But here is my test fit. It's far from perfect. The shins move a little, but I have a lot of detail pieces to build by this weekend (ammo pouches etc...
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    Pipkin O.D.S.T Hybrid Wip

    Very nice work sir. I'm going to slow myself down on my next build and do a better job. For the sake of running out of time and needing to get it done, I did a test fit and it's far from perfect, but I hope it will be good enough for Halloween/and costume contest at work. You, are doing it...
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    Pipkin O.D.S.T Hybrid Wip

    For me the proper placement of straps has proven to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. :)
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    Pipkin O.D.S.T Hybrid Wip

    Wow this looks fantastic. I just finished painting mine. Now to add straps. May add a few touch up pieces to the armor itself. Then to add details and make a weapon. Running out of time before Halloween.
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    Female GEN2 SCOUT Armor (Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer) Build [+ more]

    Armor is fantastic! Congrats on a job well done!
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    Very first (foam) build. DFT ODST(another one)

    Right on! I can't imagine doing 2 at one time. :D
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    Very first (foam) build. DFT ODST(another one)

    Here is my helmet. Used the DFT templates for the bottom and sides etc. For the top I used a cut baseball helmet, and used 5mm foam for the top. The shield I made from a motorcycle helmet visor. I know the visor looks like garbage, but I plan on covering that was some battle damage. :lol...
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    Yet another Dft odst reach build

    Building can be a lot of work. I've rebuilt several pieces on this one suit and I always see something that I want to tweak. It's easy to burn out,but maybe you won't need as long of a break as you think. You have your pieces. Hang in there. Looking forward to the final pics. - - - Updated - -...
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    Halo Reach ODST

    Thanks for correcting. I wasn't sure on the grits. :) As far as cutting straighter, yes straight edges work. Also try not to use just the end of the blade. I try to use as much cutting surface as I can. It helps me cut straighter. But with his shins, that's one reason why I didn't do it his...
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    Howdy, I'm New! First Build: DFT ODST and Gravity Hammer (Semi-Pic-Heavy)

    Wow very nice......and that hammer omg great work