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    jtm1997's reach pilot, emile, recon, odst, deadmau5, Scout, and daft punk helmet peps

    you should put all your models on the first page or something so there easier to find. amazing work though!
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    MarkV(B)concept helm

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    Halo 4 Pepakura (Files within)

    i have to agree as well. it does look green but if you look closer at chief and the spartan 4s they don't have a cod piece at all they have ab/stomach armor and a butt plate but the rest is just black suit.
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    Rundowns files hub ANNOUNCEMENT + teaser

    your the man Rundown! Amazing work! :D
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    My Own Mjolnir Armor Designs

    really like the able armor exspecially the helm! :eek nice work man!
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    Noble Team?

    go to raziel1981's 3d model thread you can find a really good jun helm there, as for noble six keep an eye on rundown's pep files thread hes going to be releasing all of his armor pretty soon. btw next time just use search function instead of making a new thread, goodluck on your armor!
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    Td2955's Mark Vi Helmet Progress

    looking good dude! keep it up! btw its mark vi instead of iv
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    Raziel1981's 3D Models

    any chance of a top attachment piece for juns helm?
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    Raziel1981's Hayabusa Build

    how do you make your peps so clean man! theyre perfect! :eek
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    Rundowns files hub ANNOUNCEMENT + teaser

    truly amazing man! :D i cant wait to till you release these!
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    3D Model Requests

    nah thats all, thanks dude! :D it looks awesome!
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    3D Model Requests

    how about the intervention from MW2?
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    Raziel1981's 3D Models

    yeah you should definitely make a jun helm! :D
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    Props Halo Reach Sniper Rifle

    dude that is sick! :eek amazing job! looking forward seeing it finished!!! :D
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    Raziel1981's 3D Models

    wow dude first the hayabusa and now this! :D and you've only been using it for 3 days! :eek your my hero!