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  • Hey,

    I got the armor about noon and it has no problems. Ive started working with it and I think itll work out nicely! Wanted to thank you for dealing with me, this is the first time Ive gotten anything from another 405th member, and it went pretty well I think.

    I realized that I made the frigate in A4 paper format ... "oops" :(. We use Letter format here in the US........

    I updated the download and it will now include both Letter & A4 format.:)

    If you started building the frigate i posted, it will come out at a slightly smaller scale than intended.:(

    I am very Sorry for all the trouble :(
    I hope this doesn't ruin your project.
    I feel terrible:(
    Not that i have heard of.
    Trying myself but im fairly new so should take some time.
    I'll tell ya when its done. :)
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