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    Girlie Halo Tshirt Design

    I approve of this and I want one!!
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    Raging Raven

    I'm thinking of being a COMPLETE nutjob and just patterning the thing myself-no program,just measuring and slicing up cardstock.I'm thinking with all the roundness of pieces,I thought possibly wetting/pasting/maybe glassing the stock after bending it to shape would hold that shape so I could...
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    Resining & Fibre Glassing Tutorial/How To

    Okay:I'm-an-idiot-breakdown;Fold/Glue pep,resin/glass,primer/paint.Yes? Doe that mean Bondo is an optional thing?Does the armor hold up as well with just fibreglass and resin?Can I just use the 'Mud'technique,or will that need extra reinforcement from cloth and/or resin regardless? Thanks.
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    Muddy Secrets Tutorial

    Pardon the semi-necro-bump,but this made me happy.Definitely going with this for when my armor is to that point. This will also help splendidly as I go to re-start my Blutsauger(Team Fortress 2 Medic weapon);the bondo-ing I did on it got screwed up massively by the humidity of my basement...
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    Raging Raven comment:Not honest bashing,just a childish sort of 'omg you guys suuuuck'.I'm not really saying everyone there sucks.I am sorry,I didn't intend to hurt feelings. And yes,I'm well aware of the cost involved-part of why the pepakura option is a wonderful thing to have found.The cost of...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Eh,suppose I ought to. Name: Victoria(Tory,please) Profession: Haunt actor,rollergirl,art-tard. Age: 18 Favorite Hobby: Putting on skates and knocking people down.Costumeing is a close second. Favorite Video Game: Silent Hill series,despite the fact I squeal like a wuss and stop playing...
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    Raging Raven

    This is the project that got 405th referred to me.(Because people on suck and huge armor things get no love but every minor,simplistic issue is answered by at least 30 people in the first minute)After no luck on,and terror over the amount of money required for my original...
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    Tutorial: How to use Pepakura to make your Mjolnir Armor

    A few problems:I have a crap-ass Mac and it refuses to acknowledge the program.Is there any other?Or would someone help me out patterning? Also,I'm not making Mjolnir armor,I'm trying to put together Raging Raven from MGS4,and am kind of worried the parts will be too large to print...