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  • Hey dude. The voice amp worked pretty dang good! It isnt eve the high powered one i think its like 18watts or something ill try and find where i got it for ya. It was on ebay, i think it was like $30
    Thanks for the comment dude! Your Carter build is equally awesome! Wish i had the technique to do a foam build like you did! I just went the pepakura route cause I lack the creativeness and technique like you have. Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for the forum dude! :)
    Hey dude, I uploaded pictures of us from AX yesterday and posted some on my foam build thread I started like 2 days ago. If you want me to send you the pics, let me have your email, they're kinda big...but came out awesome :D
    lol its gpig i just started t redo it.Alot happen in the last 3 mouths that sort of stop me for doing it lie 3 weeks in the hosplital but im getting back on track. ^_^ im tryng to do the armor for reach right now. So im modding a nerf gun i had form my old steam punk days to makeit a cool looking rifle. Im going to post the thread tonight and show people what im doing. Also I have a new number with meto pcs as i need funds to come in. so i switch phones to get more reanew.
    Hey there. Thanks for the compliment. I'm actually working on a new set of armor made of foam. After seeing Nick Nack's thread below I felt it put mine to shame, haha. I'll post pics when I get farther along. So chances are I won't be brining that set of armor to AX. I may not being going to AX this year because most of us are concentrated on Comicon. I think Trooper0621 may be going to AX this year, and he's got some good armor builds. If I do go it will just be for a day to give the new armor a test run.

    NIck nacks foam build:[/URL]
    ummm i dont know im also working on my reach suit as well as a zaku and bioshock at the same time lol.Um i know in july im going to a free con were anme expo use to be
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I'm a small time artist i like building costumes and drawing

drawing, animation, xbox, halo,call of duty
Aug 17, 1983 (Age: 40)
Victorville, Ca
story board artist. costume fabricator
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Galvatron beta
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"When the game ends the pawn and the king go into the same box"