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    LED Strip Sound Controller..?

    Hi all. I have started on a new set of armor and concept costumes that will be working with about 12-14ft worth of LED Strips (12v DC, 700mAh puck to control power consumption, very large battery powerpack...
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    War Machine - Foam build step-by-step (Pic Heavy)

    Bicep parts cut: Bicep & Forearm parts cut: Bicep nearly complete: Forearm complete:
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    War Machine - Foam build step-by-step (Pic Heavy)

    Hi all. Total NOOB to Pep and Foam armor smithing (though I have worked with chainmaile for years) and I took it upon myself to try my hand at an EVA Foam Forearm and Bicep sections of a War Machine build. Total time from printing of templates (TY Juice and many others for the input and...
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    Location Shout Outs: Unity

    -FORUM NAME: Games001 -NAME: Craig/Oberon -LOCATION: New York, New York City (Staten Island) -SKILLS: Arcade Machine Builder and programs, Chainmaile experience, general costuming. -STATUS: Rather Noobish, very much looking to meet NYC or other locals to the area to help get some hands on...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Good day all. Total NOOB when it comes to costuming and armor crafting (in anything other than chainmaile) and looking to delve deep into the Cos Play aspect of armor here in the New York City area. The first project I had in mind was an odd mix of a HALO and Jin-Roh armor set. If anyone is...
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    Reach foam armor and Pilot helmet wip

    Some really amazing stuff here folks. I am shocked how well these items can come together using stuff as simple and basic as foam floor plates. I have started testing templates on these plates and am looking forward to posting my own pics here soon. I would like to hear more about the cutting...