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    Hi there, welcome home?

    Hi all! it's been so long since I've been on here. But I'm back now. Wow the game has changed a lot. whole new different methods of armor building. Foam? Im in! haha. It's nice to see this community thriving! anyone remember when these were the Mjolnir forums? haha well! hoping to get some armor...
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    i need som tips

    WOAH lol just look around and look at how other people go about innovative ways to make armor. if you cant use pep, maybe use foam methods. use the site's search feature.
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    Bluerealm Studios Halo 4 Master Chief Suit

    LOVE THIS!!!
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    Gears of War 3 Baird Foam Full Suit(scratch built). Will be ready for release night.

    you just beat the crud out of my eyes with this awesome thread! SO BEAUTIFUL!
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    Zeus - Cog Armor Marcus Fenix

    yeah.....this is awesome....end of conversation... :)
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    Your face.

    here's me! a couple months old: Me now:
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    Do I Owe You Something?

    you owe me $1000 lol jk, this kind of thread might not be the best thing to do...people might just lie to you. make sure you REALLY owe them something haha.
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    Pony's Build Thread!

    woohoo! lol very clean..LOVE IT!
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    Amazing Warmachine Cosplay

    guys...i feel we are ripping on him way too hard...lets just stop...good work is good matte who made it. regardless of the man behind it.
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    Amazing Warmachine Cosplay

    you know....I honestly dont like his stuff. I mean it is ok...for a rush job...the only suit he has that looks fantastic is his war machine...the rest look like tin cans to very blocky and raw...just not great. He is VERY overrated, and I dont mean to put him down, but in a PM to me...
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    War Machine Armor Build - (Iron Man 2) -W.i.p

    hahaha thanks man! appreciate the help! cant wait for the next updates!
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    War Machine Armor Build - (Iron Man 2) -W.i.p

    i just wanted to say that i love this build so far! it is going to look great when it is done. what are you plans for this build, are you going to mold it? are you gonna bondo? just curious lol.
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    Whats Up With The Massive Gallery Pics?

    oh yeah, im seeing it......and it is ANNOYING!!! and making my browser load slower!!!
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    It's Finally Happening...

    good luck man, and congrats!!!!! enjoy your new life! haha
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    What Did The Forums Used To Look Like?

    I have been here for years...BUT i used to have a different username. this website used to be the "Mjonir forums" it was green and cream colored, and was made in 2006, i believe. it was the same idea, with a different name and color was also less known, and a smaller more tight-knit...