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    Greetings & Re-Introduction

    Hello, 405th! I hope everything is going well, despite the hack-attack. So, introductions. My name is Zara Schmidt. I lived in a small town in New York State for the first 18 years if my life, and am currently living in Germany. (I'll explain that later.) I plan to study mechanical...
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    Geeky Chick's Iron Man Pep

    Geo: That's the idea, now I just have to get a ride from my parents (I only have my permit, no license yet) to a store that sells it around here. I hope it works. (-: Update: I'm repepping the helmet. It just isn't good enough, and I want a better one. Also, I ran out of bondo yesterday. D...
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    Geeky Chick's Iron Man Pep

    Thanks, everyone! Daftndirekt, you're right! What a weird coincidence. I've never played that, but I googled the picture (yay internets!) Geo, I sure hope so! I've been working on it almost everyday. That would realllllly suck if I didn't get it done. (-: I'm 5'8 and a half, but I didn't...
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    Firefight Style Recon

    Try PMing one of the Q & A team members. They should be able to help.
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    War Machine Heavy Artillery Armor

    I can't wait to see what you build!!! The last one was unearthly. Definitely watching this topic. Have any official pics of the new armor been released?
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    Geeky Chick's Iron Man Pep

    Pictures wouldn't fit, sorry to double post. EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Worked again today (September 30th). Only about a month left! D8 Me working! Yay. (Picture courtesy of Dad.) (-: [attachment=12370:100_7327.jpg] Trying on the arm pieces. They fit, hooray! [attachment=12369:100_7332.jpg]...
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    Location Shout Outs: Unity

    * FORUM NAME: Geeky Chick * NAME: Zara Schmidt * LOCATION: New York: Mexico (I'm not kidding, it's a town near Oswego) * SKILLS: I'm a fair fiberglasser, but still new at this. Non-pep skills include science and art. * STATUS: Rookie.
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    We're Back... I Hope No One Died

    I never realized how often I visited this site until it stopped working. It's kind of sad (but also awesome!) how attached to this place I am. (-:
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    Geeky Chick's Iron Man Pep

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I really appreciate it. (-: Geo, I used . Credit for it's creation goes to Belakor and Callmemilo, I think. (There may have been a couple others, but I don't remember their names. I'm sorry if one of them is you...
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    Geeky Chick's Iron Man Pep

    Here it is, folks: my first pep! Currently a WIP. Iron Man, my favorite comic/movie/anything character. I have the arc reactor almost finished, just needs to be painted. Will post pics of that later. Here's how it was about a month ago: [attachment=12273:PICT0002 -- 2.jpg] Today, after...
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    Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread

    Ah, I see how to do it now. Sorry, dumb question. Thanks, if I have trouble, I will ask. I've been lurking in the stickies for months, so hopefully I won't have any trouble. (-: All right, no warnings! That's very relieving. Thanks so much for your help! I hope to have my current...
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    Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread

    Hello, everyone! I'm a noob, but I've been lurking for quite a while now, and still can't find the answer to this question. How many posts do I have to make before I can create a new topic? I want to make a WIP thread, but I can't because I'm still at noob status. I know this system is to...
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    Does Anyone Share This Opinion?

    I dislike hive minds and parasites, or any combination of the two. I do very much enjoy annihilating them, though. Especially using grav hammers. I haven't played Dead Space or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, but now I want to, just to see how creepy they are. XD Call it morbid curiosity.
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    Spnkr Potato Gun

    Spartan-124: Thanks, I will definitely tell my Halo-loving friends about this. Somewhat-controlled-explosions + Halo + Teenagers = WIN! (What could possibly go wrong???) (-:
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    Liberty Prime Vs Iron Man

    Actually in the Illuminati comic series, Iron Man's suit did withstand a nuclear blast during a battle with the Skrull. (There was a large number of attacking Skrull soldiers and they couldn't figure out any other way to kill them all at once, so Iron Man hacked into the local nuke plant's...