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    Halo Infinite: Master Chief Armor/Trailer Discussion

    To be fair, some of the villains are "To be decided". It's likely that they don't have permission to reveal them yet until 343 releases more info on the game or they're waiting for the go ahead by 343. But look at those 12" figures! I thouht they were that trashy 5 points of articulation but...
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    I’m pretty sure I got scammed but we gon see son!

    You were definitely scammed and those pics are probably stolen. The workshop that took those photos and sells the 3D printed set want upwards of $1K. Even the reviews lool awfully sus from pics of the disguise master chief costume and the aforementioned buyfullbodyarmor website One photo...
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    3D Printed ODST Build

    Addressed the issue. You have too many triangles in your poly. Blender absolutely hates triangles. It prefers quads. even then, the vertices were too clustered, causing issues in the smoothing processes.
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    3D Printed ODST Build

    requested access under a very immature parody name of gandalf.
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    3D Printed ODST Build

    Could you show us the mesh for that area? AS in, in edit mode.
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    Halo 2 Helmet (HD-WIP)

    I've edited the helmet a little bit since I last made the model public. The helmet looks a little meaner now. Some notable changes Faces were able to be made flush with other spaced out faces using Looptool-flatten Under-cap area was edited to add the ridge seen on the textured game model...
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    Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build

    This man knows how to build hype.
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    Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build

    Xtremenoob has since made an update, but he hasn't posted it here, it's on his Facebook page. He's looking out for us :)
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    Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build

    I don't think he has modelled the boots yet. But in the clip seen in the video game awards, the soles definitely look based on the halo 4/5 iteration with the two protrusions on the side. It still has the package/FUD aspect to it though.
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    Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build

    Yeah that's a bit of an issue when painting clear coat over a base that's typically flexible (plastic) His chroming process is quite magical (and expensive). Many cheap manufacturers of hydro-chroming products have issues with the chrome yellowing overtime, evidently, Justin has mentioned that...
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    Grabbing Halo: Reach PC Assets and Importing into Blender

    ... Maybe when halo 2 anniversary releases, you could get that Master Chief model for me.. /:)
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    Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build

    Hard to do when your reputation has already been made and when said name has been recognized by massive companies... Cough Treyarch Cough
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    Pepakura/Model Requests: Second Edition

    Just a note, there's also the bevel smoothing route IMO looks a little neater than creases sometimes, and is a little easier on the curves. It uses the bevel modifier set on weight and making the edges you want sharp to 1 the subdivision surface modifier should be active.
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    We are ODST/ Legacy Effects Helmet 3D model WIP

    Will prob put the project on hold for a while. Also deciding whether to release to file to the public.
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    Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build

    Absolutely stunning mate.