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    Community Scratch Build!!! Ideas, everyone?

    Thanks H1rgon, I'll have to take a look at those places. I haven't head of MilArm though, how are their prices compared to Supply Seargent's? (which, frankly, suck) Skjoldhammer, thanks! I've already discovered that topic ;)
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    Top Voice Amplifiers For Helmets?

    Hi everyone! I've been looking around for a voice amp/changer for a little while, and found some really interesting sites! However! they all price their voice amps/changers over $150-$200. which seems ridiculously over priced. So, I was curious to know if anyone here knew of any voice...
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    Community Scratch Build!!! Ideas, everyone?

    Hey everyone! Finally have some time do get back into costume building, and needed some help. First off, I'm making something that is brand spanking new! Just a random costume I want to make for Halloween this year and I wanted you to help out! (with ideas) The build, so far, is a compilation...
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    Huge Flaw In Halo: Reach That Needs Your Votes!

    I dont know for sure. But i've been mute banned for over 5 days now
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    Huge Flaw In Halo: Reach That Needs Your Votes!

    It still would have a huge issue of being abused by people who think it's either funny to have someone mute banned or others who just skim through the list of reasons why they muted and just click X X X X to get through it all. We have a mute feature already, for a reason. we dont need to...
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    Huge Flaw In Halo: Reach That Needs Your Votes!

    well then it shouldnt effect you much. the Quit ban is only active for 15-30 minutes or so. although they have the power to make it permanent.
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    Huge Flaw In Halo: Reach That Needs Your Votes!

    Thanks! please leave a comment too!
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    Huge Flaw In Halo: Reach That Needs Your Votes!

    I Think you need to re write this, I think your saying "if someone has to be muted all the time then there is a problem". If that's the case then I agree. However, the system can be, and has already been abused. I mute a lot of people, people who may just have a high voice, not an annoying...
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    Huge Flaw In Halo: Reach That Needs Your Votes!

    Thanks for all the comments, but please post on the original topic itself and vote as well. whichever your opinion may be, the more "noise" we make the more bungie will pay attention. They've already fixed the Invasion gametype to make it more fair, and that was DURING the beta.
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    Huge Flaw In Halo: Reach That Needs Your Votes!

    Hi everyone! I've made a topic on the Halo: Reach Feedback forums, and i really need your help with it! This is a huge issue that needs to be taken out of Reach immediately! Please read and vote here!
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    Did Anyone Else Notice This?

    I actually saw both of those, i think? perhaps i'm just mingling the trailer together with the movie.
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    Disappointed With Reach?

    I'm not disappointed in it, it was pretty much made how i expected to be made. I really like the new game types and the graphics are fairly good. The beta would have been better if they allowed a custom game. I dont like the clip size in any of the weapons. they are all really small and you HAVE...
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    Halo Reach: Birth Of A Spartan

    There it is folks! and look at the armor at the end!!!!
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    Halo: Reach Gets Legendary

    Hi everyone! just saw this on and took a look on! What will you be grabbing? Link to Halo: Reach Editions! This is the standard edition for halo reach which just includes the game This is the Limited Edition for Halo: Reach which includes: * Game disc...
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    Machinima - Halo Lasted Long, Mw2 Lasted Sh*t

    I may not have much time to co-direct. but i will be willing to look over the film before it's released, just to give a few pointers, if you'd like :)