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    Mold Making non-tutorial

    Great video. I had no idea how to make a mold before, but now I do. Thanks Adam.
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    Mp3 + helmet = awsomeness

    I put a speaker at the lower part of the mouth vent on my Vader helmet to loop the breathing sound, and another speaker for a voice changer on the upper mouth vent. I had a bit of trouble with the feedback from having the mic and speaker so close together, but a piece of aluminum foil and a...
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    Muslin Cloth

    You can try to use Bondo-Glass after you use muslin cloth.
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    Contact Harvest also says October 30.
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    I guess reading 405th forums can help you build better armor and save lives (at least cats')....
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    Props Another Energy Sword

    The sword is awesome. Your nephew must be proud to have an uncle like you.
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    need help wil pepakur and no this is not a how do i make

    I am sorry if this is going to offend you, but unless English is not your first language, please type properly. It makes it very hard for people to read and understand your questions, and ultimately helping you with your armor. Can you please rephrase your question and ask what you need help...
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    This is Sparta!

    Since I won't be able to finish my MC suit for Halloween this year, I think I might make the 300 armor for this Halloween. Now I just have to lose 100lbs of my flab, or just get a fake muscle suit for $30. :cautious:
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    Soft Armor

    Imagine lining an armor with this stuff?!? It's crazy. :wink:
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    Making my Helmet for Halloween.

    Let us know how you fair out with those products.
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    Making my Helmet for Halloween.

    This looks like the perfect thing for the armor... What do you guys think? You should check out their full products.... A lot of fiberglass alternatives....
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    this jerk off stole my thunder at the launch

    The suit looks off. The chest, cod, and arm pieces all look too small for anyone that's average size. The guy looks horrible in it. If I was MS, I would rather commission Adam to design the suit instead of wasting money on something like this that was probably made in China by some poor kid...
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    Fiberglass Alternatives

    This sound easy enough... but I can't find anything that is a polyurethane plastic spray or resin spray.... What did you use to make your suit?
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    Fiberglass Alternatives

    If you do, please let me know. I am just afraid that paper macher will be bumpy and have crease marks. Also, can it be sanded afterwards?
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    Fiberglass Alternatives

    Is there any other materials I can use other than fiberglass for a PEP suit? I have a lot of problem undestanding how fiberglass works, and I've read a lot of posts already. Plus I doubt the wife would want me fiberglassing in the garage with the kids in the house.... There must be something...