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  • NP, that's what this is all about. Making friends and playing with toxic chemicals ;-)
    You are very welcome for the page visit! and like silentwings, Im also quite interested in how this 2 week project is going to turn out!
    Thanks for the page comment, sir.

    Let me know how your Armor project is going, I'd love to hear if you managed to turn it out in 2 weeks.
    Thanks but I can't take full credit for the armor. The build was made by another member here who I think is quite talented. ^^
    Ello, my Name is Glade Morgan Gillis, you may call me Glade, Morgan, Captain Morgan, what ever name or nickname you like thats not deragatory. I am a sophmore in high school and very artistic and very outgoing. I have many talents and wish to show off some to this community we have and to become a part of it. If you are reading this, I would be very happy if you would welcome me by replying or sending me a message. I orignally made this at 7-15-11, but today(10-16-11) I have officially started to use it. Well here i am, and i hope you find me entertaing and a good fellow 405th member.
    -Glade Morgan
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"Ello, my name is Glade Morgan,im a sophmore,outgoing,artist,& new 405th member, hmu for more."

art,music,dance,being outgoing, guitar, video games, etc.
Bakersfield, California, USA
High School Student, & amateur artist, designe