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    Hi, Probably Shjould Introduce Myself And Tell You What I Am Working On

    Hi, maybe some of you have read my "possible new reinforcement method?" post, but i have yet to formally introduce myself. I live in California, and i am currently working on the low-res Master chief Helm that was posted a while back, because, unfortunately, i am not too sure of my skills. as of...
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    Possible New Reinforcemnet Method?

    Wow, I am amazed at the response I got, and thank you all for the welcome. What I meant was, if you print out all the pieces, then lay the ducttape on the inside, assemble it, then harden(fiberglass or bondo) it from the outside, would that work?
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    Possible New Reinforcemnet Method?

    Hi, this is my first post, and I am glad to be am member, but let me get down to my (possibly stupid) question: can you crosshatch clear duct-tape on the inside of a piece of card-stock before you actually assemble it for pre-emptive reinforcement and then once you've assembled it bondo it or...