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    my new sig

    Why is everyone taking the negative image if a Halo 3 trailer and then using the smudge tool on photoshop?
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    ninjas or pirates?

    Unless the easter bunny is actually the rabbit from Monty Python. Then it would win.
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    A Call to All Xbox Live Members

    I don't know, I wouldn't worry about that if I were you.
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    A Call to All Xbox Live Members

    Here are the basic requirements for membership: 1) You must have an Xbox 360 and Halo 3. 2) You must be 16 years old, or subject to a panel of staff and then a possible interview. 3) You must be a team player. No running off and trying to do everything yourself. 4) You must be active on the...
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    A Call to All Xbox Live Members

    This is an open invitaion to all owners of Halo 3 and Xbox Live subscribers: There is a young clan, the 101st ODST Battalion, that needs new members. This Clan has a military based ranking system, and has a meritocratic, or merit based, promotion system. As a fairly new clan, You have a chance...
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    Adam Can Has Cheezburger?!

    Spartan Laser Mark II? [attachment=1809:Spartan_Laser_copy.jpg] BTW, i was reading some of the comments for the picture; can anyone on that site write in a fashion that can be understood?
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    School Project help pl0x

    just a question: Isn't it true that mouse stem cells are being experimented on as an alternative to human stem cells?
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    What happens to Johnson?

    No, the Arbiter was a fleet master, his armor color was gold.
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    omfg Beowulf.

    I haven't seen it yet, but it didn't look like they did a good job with the actual story. Prehaps I am wrong.
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    Just send it in. Mine broke on Columbus Day, was repaired on the 26th, and was being tested on until last monday. I expect it back monday or tuesday. It has driven me insane, especially since i went live only the day before. Oh, and by the way, if you take it apart yourself, the warrenty is...
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    bill gates it's not you....well it is

    I recently sent my xbox to microsoft. They repaired it in two days and spent several weeks testing it to make sure it worked. It probably isn't microsoft, but UPS. Your xbox was probably damaged in transit.
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    Website Design Request

    You want an HTML site, or something involving Javascript and things of that nature?
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    halo 3 co-op (live action)

    That aired during the launch coverage, right?
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    Thinking of buying this car

    Would it be legal to drive that in the US with the driver's seat on the Right side? Personally, I rather dislike Scion cars, Especially that one; it is too boxy for me. Although, to each, his own. If you like it, get it. Good luck.
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    armor question

    EVA, EOD, Hayabusa (for the spartan) and Flight (for the elite) Scout can be done in both A full guide to unlocking the armor permutaions can be seen in Leadingspartan's Tutorial