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    Master Chief Workout

    Greetings! About 3 years ago, I've started working on my body. Over the years I've managed to loose a lot of weight I collected once I had my first car, made money and didn't care about sport any more. So after a consequent diet and the first steps in workout, I kinda hit a dead spot. I mean...
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    PVC rigid foam knife

    Superb job! Looks like you've got a pretty steddy hand when it comes to rounding up edges.
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    First Projekt - for testing and later showcase purpose

    Thanks. ^^ Well, at leasts it's not as "hard" to learn as Blender. ;) So I'll be fine thanks to all the helpful tutorials out here. Yeah... I figured it works best for me to roll out my Pink Floyd Collection, a king size mug of coffee and some !not crumbling! sweets. Plus, I've noticed now...
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    My First Build

    There are multible ways to add LEDs to an armor. Some people are using plastic lenses to create as much glowing areas as possible with the fewest amount of LEDs possible. Others go for indirect lighting. And there are also those who are letting their LEDs show directly. In the end it is a...
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    [First Build] Halo 3 Mk VI build

    First, you should make your first steps by reading most of the stuff here: The posts includes a guide for freshmen like us. And I can assure you, it helped me to solve those basic questions. So spent a few hours...
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    First Projekt - for testing and later showcase purpose

    Greetings! I've been following the prop scene every now and than since I saw the "Helo Suit"-episode from Indy Mogul. (I guess that was about 3 years ago?!) Now that I've got a neat 25m² workshop for all of my Larp and generell crafting projects, I thought it's about time to tackle a new...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Roland P. Profession: Industrial Mechanic Spec. precision mechanics Age: 29 (Sep.1985) Location: Germany, within Ostwestfalen Favorite Hobby: Larp (including all kind of crafting related), fiddeling with video techniques Favorite part of halo: Challinging A.I. , there for intense action...