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    Aus-Nz Member And Event List

    Debut at 2010 Sydney Supanova seemed pretty successful. Went as an ODST. Outfit wasn't up to scratch but many people wanted photos so i guess it was much better than i thought. Didn't see any other Halo guys so guess i was there on my own on the Saturday. My friends and I will be going to next...
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    Friends and I planning on going as Noble team for 2011 Supanova convention.

    Hi my friends and i are planning on going as Noble team for next years' Sydney Supanova convention and were wondering how long folks think it would take to pep 5 suits? This time i will be using proper pep files rather than scratch builds. I've pepped and resined Jorge's helmet so far in...
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    Supanova Sydney 2010- first outing ODST

    Hi just posting some pix from my outing at Sydney supanova convention 2010. I was very lazy so my outfit is still not up to scratch. Didn't smooth the helmet and the chest piece is a hack job done over night. Painting was bad due to forgetting to buy a small brush so used a tooth pick for the...
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    Aus-Nz Member And Event List

    hi folks just introducing myself. Posting from sydney. Just started my own armor project. Aiming to debut at next sydney Supanova
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    Noob Project

    Hi after having read the numerous guides and data on the site i was inpsired to attempt my own halo inspired armor. I should warn that i have taken many liberties so for the purist the armor is not very accurate. My aim is to have a complete ODST inspired armor ready for the Sydney 2010...